Calypso Sports Bar and Restaurant

If you're one of the guests at Calypso Resort and have truly been impressed with the hotel's service, you'll be equally impressed with the food and service you get from the Calypso Lounge. This restaurant was formerly known as Calypso Sports Bar and Restaurant. The entire place underwent a major makeover in 2009 and the improvements were truly stunning.
The Menu
The first thing that people would usually investigate is the restaurant's menu. The claim of course is that they use the finest ingredients both imported and those that are bought locally. The cuisine they serve is mostly a fusion of European and Asian dishes. Expect fine dining options as well as exotic dishes being listed on the menu.
The appetizers are made up of a good mix of calamari, cheese sticks, a little seafood, chicken wings, hash browns, and cheese sticks. They also have an assortment of sandwiches and salads to perk up your appetite. There are salad options for meat lovers and vegans alike. Those who opt for healthy sandwich options can either try their tuna sandwiches or Hawaiian toast.
Guests have the option to choose from European or Filipino dishes for the main course. The Calypso Lounge offers a variety of pasta, rosti, pork cordon bleu, and pork escalopes among the European cuisine options. On the other hand, traditional Filipino favorites like tinola, adobo, and pork sinigang represent the best of the local cuisine.
Don't miss out on their seafood platter. No true lover of seafood will want to miss that option. If you're looking for something rather different then you might want to sample the Thai seafood curry. The desserts will be made up of a variety of fruits, ice cream, and other sweet concoctions to tickle your sweet tooth.
If you're still not convinced then you might want to try their seasonal specials such as Brazilian steak, fondue, or teppanyaki. If there is still an item you want to try that is off menu then you may want to speak to a member of the staff in order to inform the chef to surprise you with what he can cook up. The prices in Calypso Lounge range from Php 200 to Php 500 for every item you order.
The Restaurant's Ambiance
The prevailing ambiance in this restaurant somewhat leans toward relaxed fine dining. The furnishings and decor are basically native in design. There is a bit of a psychedelic feel to the resort with a pervading touch of luxury to it, which is quite a unique touch come to think of it. The poolside restaurant and bar effect is made complete by the candle light and the cacophony of colors at sunset.
Calypso Sports Bar and Restaurant is located in Barangay Manggayad. Other establishments nearby would include Red Pirates, Alyssa Resort, and Bolero Rum Bar. It's ideally located on the quieter section of Boracay.
Contact Info
The Calypso Lounge website is at You can speak to their staff at +63-36-288-3206 or +63-36-288-5169.

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