Arwana Restaurant

Arwana Restaurant in Boracay is actually a resort slash restaurant, a combination of both of these things. Speaking about its restaurant side, it's pretty much about the average restaurant you will get on the island. The stuff you'll find listed on the menu is pretty much alright and would be enough to satisfy a growling belly.
The Menu
The menu itself does not specialize in any particular cuisine. In fact, the items you'll see there are pretty varied and at times would seem to try and please a variety of customers. For instance, their breakfast line up is principally made up of food items that are typically American.
Pancakes and toast are the main items that give away the plot behind the menu. The pancakes are good, however the toast will need some work. If only the owners would get more than just the local sweet white bread to make their toast. Nevertheless, the rest of the dining options they serve for breakfast are quite good.
If there is one thing that is truly appreciated by the many customers of Arwana Restaurant, then that would have to be its selection of drinks. Some have remarked that the happy hours in this food establishment are fantastically cheap. They have a goods election of beers and cocktails displayed on their counter. Take note that the party here usually begins after the sun has set below the horizon.
Skeptics may ask if the food here is really very good. Admittedly, there are truly other restaurants that are a few levels up compared to this restaurant in Boracay. However, it should also be further noted that they really serve good food here nevertheless.
For example, a truly noteworthy piece of morsel on their menu is their chicken stir fry. It's basically served with fresh mango strips along with a few cashew nuts. Another chicken dish that you might want to try on their menu is chicken a la king. If you're craving for some pasta then you might want to sample their seafood pasta, which is served with a good amount of shrimp.
The Arwana Restaurant Ambiance
The restaurant actually takes on a nice modern atmosphere. The owners chose subdued yellowish lighting which in fact gives the place a rather relaxed mood, which makes it perfect for a quiet night out with friends. The chairs and tables take a rather rustic native effect being made out of native materials.
Of course, that is only a small facade that actually accentuates the rather modern appeal this restaurant makes. The entire mood is even more highlighted when the sun starts to set. Since the restaurant is located right at the beach, guests usually enjoy a stunning view of the sunset.
Location and Contact Information
Arwana Restaurant is located near Station 3 in White Beach. It's pretty close to some of the mid-range hotels and cheaper accommodations on the island. This restaurant's little site on the Internet is at Their phone numbers are +63-36-288-5551 (phone) and +63-36-288-6868 (fax).

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