Horseback Riding in Boracay

Instead of just taking strolls on the beach, why not go horseback riding in Boracay? This is another one of the attractions on the island, and there are now many offering this service. 
These rides take place along the most scenic areas on the island. Popular destinations include Yapak and Balabag. You can also go riding by Mt. Luho and other scenic spots. 
What to See
For many, one of the most enjoyable aspects is to have the horse galloping along the beautiful beaches. At Balabag and Yapak, you will get to enjoy the verdant greens and natural beauty of the place. 
These excursions can also take you to Mt. Luho and the picturesque landscape around it. These tours can also take you through local villages. You will meet some friendly people here. 
You do not need to know the history of the island to enjoy horseback riding in Boracay. But knowing some the background can enhance your riding experience.
Most of the people in the villages make their living from tourism. But this was not always the case. From the 1970s and earlier, the primary source of income was fishing. This changed when the island became a tourist haven beginning in the late 1970s. 
There are now many resorts on the island. However, there are regulations in place to secure the environment. That is the reason why when you explore the island, the scenery remains in pristine condition. 
The rate is around 500 to 800 pesos per adult. It is slightly lower for children. This rate is for a 60 minute ride. If you plan on a 90 minute or two hour tour, expect to pay more. There are guides that will assist you ride the horse. If you want to take horse riding lessons, the riding lessons will cost 1000 pesos. 
Other Info 
These horseback riding tours will state where they will take you. The options can range from the countryside, the beach and hills. Most of the time, the itinerary will include a little bit of everything. 
One of the best times to go horseback riding in Boracay is at dawn. You will start the journey at four in the morning and go through an enchanting forest. From there you will head on to Mt. Luho and on to the beach. By the time you gallop at the beach, the sun will rise, a truly spectacular sight. 

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    One person no experience = 70kg
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