Virgin Drop

Sometimes, lazing around on the beach can get quite tedious, surfing can get tiring, and swimming can literally feel like you’re just going with the current. For a truly memorable summer adventure, one may have to go much deeper. Basically, deep sea diving is like traveling to another world; exploring the natural wonders that exist right below the ocean depths. Boracay is host to a number of fantastic diving destinations, and one of the most fascinating of these is the Virgin Drop.
The Virgin Drop is located right in the middle of 2 other notable Boracay diving spots, the Camia Shipwreck and Fridays Rock. This diving site can be reached via a 15-minute boat ride from either boat station 1 or boat station 2 in the shores of Boracay.
What to See There
Essentially, the Virgin Drop is a long, continuous wall filled with numerous cracks and crevices, within which hide a variety of small aquatic creatures. Among the marine life that can be spotted along the way are the Crinoids, which may resemble plants but are in actuality undersea animals. It is because of their plant-like appearance that they have also been called “Sea Lilies.” One can also find a colorful array of soft and hard corals, as well as the large coral-like Gorgonian Sea Fans. These nocturnal sea creatures are in turn big enough to serve as hiding places for other aquatic animals such as Moray Eels, Bass, and Nudibranches (Sea Slugs). One may also be lucky enough to sight some Rays swimming along the area.
Depth/Experience Level Required
The Virgin Drop has a minimum depth of 14 m (exceeding the open water level limit of 12-18 m) and a maximum depth of 36 m. Hence, anyone intending to go diving at this spot should have at the very least taken a deep diving course before attempting to do so. This is not a dive suitable for beginners. The shifting currents can easily turn a deep dive into a drift dive, and one needs to have enough diving experience to endure the pressures of the former and the drag of the latter.
A Virgin Drop dive costs about 25 dollars, but there are additional charges if one is going to use Nitrox in the dive. Although it would cost extra, it is recommended to avail of this given the site’s 36-meter maximum depth. The cost of Nitrox typically ranges from 5 to 10 dollars.

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