Bel-At Beach

The Bel-At Beach dive site is rapidly becoming one of the most frequently visited sites in Boracay Island. Apart from the underwater attractions, the whole area itself is aesthetically pleasing. 
The area is adjacent to the diving site at Yapak 2. This is located north of Boracay. You can reach the place by boat in 20 minutes. There are some shops at boat station 1 you can use to reach the site as well. 
What to See
When you plunge into the depths, you will come across the wall. Encompassing the area are myriad forms of marine life. Schools of fish frequent the site. The most common are the jacks and tuna. Various types of fish can also be seen. 
The batfish has been sighted there as well as Napoleon wrasse and rainbow runners. The colorful fish will be your constant companion as you swim around the site. What makes the surroundings even more attractive is the cleanliness of the place. In spite of its popularity, the clearness of the waters has been maintained. 
Depth / Experience Level Required 
The minimum depth is 32 meters and the maximum is 50 meters. Its minimum depth is already deep compared to other sites. For this reason, the site is recommended only for advanced divers. 
The currents at Bel-At Beach dive site can be rough, again making it unsuitable for novice divers. Prospective divers must be aware of how to manage drift dives, make deep dives and negative buoyancy entries. 
Considerable skill is required if you plan to swim during the powerful currents. This is necessary so you do not end up getting swept away.
The price for each dive is set at 25 to 40 USD. Additional fees may be needed if you plan on bringing extra diving gear and weights. The costs of hiring a diving instructor can vary, but it will probably still be in the price range mentioned. A boat is absolutely necessary. 
Other Info 
The waters in the site are also known for the presence of the Green Sea Turtles. But the biggest treat for divers are the gray reef sharks and white-tip sharks. Do not be surprised if you see them swimming close by. 
The Bel-At Beach dive site is also famous for its corals. Both hard and soft types can be seen hugging the walls. Together with the fish, these complete the underwater scenery around the site. 

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