Hotels at Station 3

Boat Station 3 is the last part of White Beach to be noticed by land developers and transformed into pieces of prime real estate. A lot of the resorts that people will find here tend to be more of bungalow type residences and resorts taking on a more native design. However, we can now see that there are upscale establishments that take on a more modern appeal.
If you're the type who would rather stay away from the party crowd then the hotels and resorts on Station 3 will appeal to you. Though a lot of the establishments here offer economy lodgings many of them offer quality accommodations. You can even find some of the nicest hotels and resorts in this part Boracay.

Resorts and Hotels around Boat Station 3

Here are the hotels you will find on this part of the island:
357 Boracay
This is one of the better boutique resorts on the island. There are only ten suites in this resort so you won't expect so much of crowd. It's a piece of beachfront property, which makes it one of the hot spots in the place. Its hotel is pretty popular as well. It's a full service establishment, which means you get room service, front desk safe, great amenities and professional service. The roof deck is pretty popular among the guests as well.
Angol Point Beach Resort
This is one of the more typical Boracay hotels and resorts you'll find on Station 3. It's actually on one of the prime locations in the area, which makes it quite favored by many guests. It's a bungalow resort with neat huts sprawled around a tropical garden. The rooms give you a relaxed atmosphere. Nothing fancy but it sure is a nice retreat from the humdrum of urban life.
Asya Premiere Suites
This is one of the newer hotels on Station 3 and it's actually situated quite a distance away from most of the Boracay hotels and resorts on this boat station. Given that fact, it is easy to guess that it's an exclusive resort and is quite luxurious. The rooms have a nice elevated panoramic view of the ocean up on a little rise. It's a full service hotel reserved only for the upper class. That being said, note that the rates here are pretty steep.
Blue Mango Inn
This is one of the more affordable hospitality service providers on Station 3. The lower room rates and direct access to the beach makes this a good option. This resort takes pains to blend modern amenities with native design. It's a family run business and customer service is usually given a very personal touch. The place is also a dive shop right on the beach, which is another plus. The rooms are clean and the food is good enough but not overly exciting. All in all, with regards to service, amenities, location, and cost, this little inn gives you great value for your money.
Boracay Crown Regency Resort
This is one of the few luxury hotels on Station 3. The resort staff works hard to provide that trademark Filipino class hospitality. The resort itself looks like a tropical villa, the kind that reminds you of a summer getaway. The rates are slightly steeper than average but you do get a lot for your hard earned money. It's a full service hotel that has its own bar and cafe.
Boracay Ocean Club
This is one of the newer high end classy resorts on this part of Boracay Island. All rooms here have a modern design with a touch of Asian culture in them. With less than 50 rooms available, the low tenant volume gives you an air of exclusivity. The direct access to the beach is also a big factor for this hotel. The freeform pool completes the homey ambiance. You can look at it like your stylish home away in the tropical islands.
Casa Pilar Beach Resort
Casa Pilar Beach Resort is a bit secluded and is situated a short distance away from the huge cluster of Boracay hotels and resorts on the beachfront. It's beachfront property with the added touch of tranquility that a lot of people long for especially when you're just looking for a quiet vacation. Here's a tip, it's a pleasant three-star establishment but book the better rooms to get the best experience since the rates here are really affordable. They really give you just your money's worth. The restaurant right on the beach is an added luxury.
Escurel Inn
This is one of the newer boutique hotels on Station 3. It is located a few meters away from White Beach but is clustered near the other Boracay hotels and resorts in the area. The building itself is made of concrete but the design of the entire establishments is more of a bungalow or cottage type lodging. It's a family run business and service is provided personally the owners. The rooms are particularly new and are kept clean. They offer room service and WiFi Internet. The staff can even do your laundry. The hot and cold showers are an added luxury. The room rates here are truly budget friendly and will be enjoyed by those living on a shoestring.
Golden Phoenix Hotel
This is one of the Boracay hotels and resorts geared up for luxury. It's one of the few deluxe hotels on this section of the island. The rooms are plush and slightly chic when it comes to design and overall ambiance. It is also a full service hotel but with only limited room service. The entire hotel is modern and is designed to please. Do take note that the rates here truly match the amenities and services you're getting, which basically leans toward the more expensive lodgings in the area.
Island Jewel Inn
This is one of the newer boutique resorts on this side of the island. It's one of the more affordable Boracay hotels and resorts. It may not be a beachfront service establishment but it does offer lodgings in a quieter section of the island. The rooms have sleek and modern facilities. The rooms are big enough for two to three guests. The rooftop terrace gives guests a wonderful view of the surroundings. The inn's staff can arrange island tours, beach parties, and sailing trips upon request. It's a real gem of a place given the services and amenities you get to enjoy.
La Isla Bonita
This is a very popular resort on the island of Boracay. It's situated at the northern end of Station 3 and has about 45 rooms. The entire place has taken on a bit more of a modern look but the original native design that is typical on the island is still pervasive. The place is quite homey and being a beachfront resort truly adds to the overall package this resort delivers. It may not be a completely full service establishment but it does offer a limited room service. The staff is efficient and friendly and will even be willing to take on baby sitting chores if you ask them.
Marzon Beach Resort
This is another one of the beachfront resorts on Station 3. This is actually one of the newer resorts on the island. It's right on the beach, which makes its location quite endearing and totally adds to the overall ambiance the resort exudes. They offer limited room service but that's quite alright. The rates here though are pretty much on average on the island. The rooms have air conditioning and are well furnished, which is added value for the money you pay. The resort staff manning the place is a friendly bunch of local folks who will cater to all your needs.
Moreno's Cottages
This resort is also classed with many of the budget accommodations on the island. It is situated away from the beachfront crowd but is located along with the main cluster of resorts, restaurants, boutiques, and other establishments on Station 3. The entire establishment takes on a more native design and is ideal for families on vacation. The rooms are quite sparse but you do get your basic needs covered. You also get cable TV plus hot and cold showers, which is actually added value considering the room rates you're actually paying for.
Morning Star Beach Resort
If you're looking for budget accommodations right on Station 3 then Morning Star Beach Resort is a good representative. The rooms are simple, no frills, and has wireless Internet. It's right near the beach, which is a plus with regard to location. Banks, shops, cafes, restaurants, and bars are near the resort. You sacrifice luxury but get the very basic necessities taken cared of plus a great location. You get all that for a budget room rate is quite a reasonable deal.
Orchids Resort
If you're looking for the traditional budget class accommodations on Boracay Island with a few added extras then Orchids Resort will be quite a hot deal. Everything here takes on the native design with the furnishings made of wood and bamboo. On the outside, the place looks like a Filipino provincial home. However, they do have villas that take on a more modern trend. The standard and cottage rooms have no air conditioning. Your best bets would be to get one of the villas in order to get the best of both worlds – modern amenities and native Filipino setting.
Oro Beach Resort
Oro Beach Resort is not quite the typical Boracay hotels and resorts on Station 3. It has a rather modern design and is truly one of the newer establishments in this area. It's a bit of beachfront property that no one will fail to miss. Spacious rooms, nice pool, and a good location near the many commercial establishments like restaurants, dive shops, shopping center, and banks. As an added compliment, the staff here can arrange tours, do your laundry, and do other things to make your day. 
Queen's Beach Resort
This is also one of the more budget friendly resorts on the island of Boracay. It's right at the heart of Station 3 and is only a short distance from the beach. It has quite a good location and it doesn't usually have a huge volume of guests since there are less than 50 rooms on the site. The convention hall plus ice-cream shop are added bonuses to what seems to be a pretty good offer.
Sulu Plaza Beach Hotel
If you're looking for a beach hotel that isn't that elaborate, beachfront, budget rates, and great location near shopping places and other establishments then Sulu Plaza Beach Hotel will be more than adequate. Well, you sacrifice a bit in terms of luxury but you do get convenience and a lot of breathing space. It's right off the boat station so you don't have to go very far. You also get free wireless Internet and cable TV. Their beach bar and Thai restaurant tops up their deal like icing on a cake with an extra cherry.
Surfside Resort and Spa
This is another one of the Boracay hotels and resorts on Station 3 that deviate away from the traditional native tropical set up. This resort and spa takes on a more modern look. All of its 16 rooms are fully air conditioned and fully furnished. Their coffee shop and restaurant are worth noting. The other perks you might want to delve into while staying in this resort include a Jacuzzi, dry sauna, and health spa. They provide a relaxed refreshing mood right on the white sand beach.
Tonglen Beach Resort
This is one of the more affordable venues on Station 3 of Boracay. The overall impression you'll get from this hotel is that it is a simple establishment yet offers modern amenities. Note that this is not a beachfront facility. The rooms are kept clean and are truly spacious. The swimming pool and cabanas are added attractions to make one consider getting a room here. Another plus are its conference facilities. You basically get all those perks among other things for a really budget friendly price.
Villa Camilla Beach Resort
It's a villa and it does have that real Spanish feel to it. The room rates lean toward being more budget friendly compared to the standards in Boracay. This is actually one of the two star hotels on the island. It's a piece of beachfront property that promises wonderful mornings. The rooms are spacious enough with good hot water in the shower. The staff manning the place is ever helpful and pleasant. Remember to bring your dancing shoes because happy hour in the bar upstairs starts at 2pm. At the party, don't miss out on their piña coladas, which are great, but their margaritas need a bit of improvement. It can easily become one of the favorite Boracay hotels and resorts for any guest.

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