Wahine Restaurant

The Wahine Restaurant in Boracay is regarded as one of the premier dining places on the island. Not only are its cuisines delectable, but the ambiance is very cordial and friendly as well. 
The restaurant is one of the few, if not the only one in Boracay that serves up sumptuous Mongolian dishes and delicacies. Those who want to try something unique can opt for those treats. There are also many Italian and Filipino dishes you can order. The restaurant is also known for its unique and special sauces. 
For those who love pizza, the thin crust offerings here will definitely be a treat. The Wahine Restaurant in Boracay also serves up different kinds of seafood. Some of the most popular offerings are the Grilled Squid, Oyster Rockefeller and the Oyster Kinilaw. 
The restaurant serves up different kinds of drinks. Their fruit shakes are very popular. You can try different flavors like their buko and mango shakes. 
Price Range 
The food here is not that expensive. A budget of 200 to 500 pesos is more than enough to enjoy the different kinds of food and drinks served. 500 pesos will be sufficient for a buffet. 
Other Information
The restaurant setting is inspired by native designs. When you enter the place, you will see a table filled with their different specialties. The dining style is buffet, so you can sample any of the dishes that are on tap. There is a separate section where you can enjoy the wines, beers and other drinks. 
The ambiance is especially inviting. Regardless of when you dine, you will be served by friendly personnel. It is also a nice place to meet other people. Of course, you will also get to enjoy the scenery as you savor your meal and drink. 
Hotels Nearby
There are several hotels and lodging places nearby. Nami, Artista and Microtel are just some of the hotels you will see in the vicinity. Other nearby hotels are the 357 Boracay, Badladz Resort and Regency Hotel. There are also bars and souvenir stores in the vicinity. 
Location and Contact Information
The Wahine Restaurant in Boracay can be found in the Diniwid Beach shores. If you wish to know more about the place, you can call telephone number 0920 206 5020 or +63 36 288 6288. You can also send inquiries via email at sabinedefant@hotmail.com. You can use the phone or email to make reservations. 

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