Hotels around Station 2

You can say that Boat Station 2 on the Island of Boracay is the commercial and shopping center of the island. As you might expect, it is also one of the most crowded sections in the place. People come here to eat, hang out, shop, purchase supplies, and do everything they need to do under the sun. This place also comes alive when the sun has already gone way below the horizon.
Take note that some of the Boracay hotels and resorts on Station 2 do come at a very considerable price but you do get top notch service and world class accommodations. However, a lot of the resorts here are either pretty much on the average or very budget friendly. Since there are a lot of budget accommodations near this boat station, then it's easy to guess why there are more people here.

Boracay Hotels and Resorts around Station 2

Here is a list of the hotels and resorts you can find on Station 2:
Asya Boracay Resort
This resort is probably one of the most luxurious resorts, if not truly the most luxurious one, on Boat Station 2. The gardens are well landscaped and match the other outdoor areas like its courtyard. They have a very inviting outdoor swimming pool right on the garden. Their business center is state of the art and the rooms are well appointed and fully furnished. It's one of the full service resorts on this side of the island.
Boracay Beach Resort
This little resort on the beachfront of Boracay never fails to please guests. It has a restaurant, ocean view, a hammock with each room, and a great location. It's pretty close to D'Mall and the other commercial establishments and the beach is just a stone's throw away. If there's any drawback to this hotel it would be the fact that you have to walk a bit of a distance through alleyways to get to the main road. The homey cove-like appeal this resort has covers up the subtle sparseness of the room. No wonder only a handful of guests would rate the place as a terrible or poor choice.
Boracay De Paris Resort
This is another one of the budget lodgings on Boracay Island. It's right on the beachfront and is right in the heart of White Beach. This prime location is a major plus factor for this resort. The resort itself isn't fancy nor does it offer anything luxurious. The rooms are kept clean and pretty much functional but that's just it. If you're on the island are just looking for a place to rest at night and let loose in the day then this is a good option at shoestring budget rates.
Boracay Garden Resort
This resort is one of the largest resorts you can ever find on the island. It has about 200 rooms and has three really huge swimming pools, perhaps the largest ones you'll find on the island. It's very accessible since you can go either by the main road or just walk along the main foot path to get to it. The major outfit managing this hotel is Boracay Regency, which basically ensures the same quality service and amenities for its guests.
Boracay Holiday Resort
This is one of those resorts on Boracay Island that offers a Mediterranean ambiance and design. The large swimming pool right on the property easily draws a lot of attention. The spa here is both a massage center and a facial care center. It also sports an indoor and outdoor bar. Another thing worth mentioning includes both the restaurant and gym. It may not be a beachfront resort but does offer lower than average rates given the full range of services and amenities it offers.
Boracay Mandarin Island Hotel
Boracay Mandarin Island Hotel is another one of the luxury hotels in this area. It is situated right in the heart of White Beach. It's also a full service hotel, which basically means they cover pretty much everything. Its wide range of services and amenities are meant to please the astute traveler. Some of the services and amenities of note include the beach spa, their Italian restaurant, room amenities, and hospitable service.
Boracay Peninsula Resort
This is also one of those Boracay hotels and resorts that are located right in the middle of White Beach. Its beachfront property plus the rates in this resort are a bit lower than average, which makes it good deal for anyone in the area. Immediately at the spot covered by this resort is Shakey's Restaurant and one of the more popular spas on the island. The swimming pool is quite alright but not completely elegant.
Boracay Regency
Boracay Regency is truly one of the largest hotels on the island. It has almost 300 rooms that are styled according to international standards. Many people have the place highly rated with some even deciding that it should be rated as a Triple-A resort. Just by looking into what they offer will leave one's jaws hanging. They have three swimming pools, a nightclub, spa, four restaurants, gym, sauna, and a Jacuzzi. If you're looking for luxury class lodgings then try what they offer here.
Boracay Tropics Resort Hotel
This resort slash hotel offers a full range of services at a slightly higher than average rate. It's a bit of an upscale hotel but isn't beachfront, which kind of brings its ratings down. They have everything from a restaurant to a boutique shop. One of the owners of this hotel is one of the pioneers in the hotel and service industry in Boracay. The offer modern facilities and complete range of services is worth checking out.
Calypso Resort
This is one of the Boracay hotels and resorts that can be called a piece of pure art work. The bar and lounge and its diving outfit are the main highlights that people particularly seek out. Guests come here to enjoy the facilities plus dive to their heart's content. It is actually located between Station 2 and Station 3 but it's actually a bit closer to Station 2. Another big plus factor for this resort is the fact that it's right on the beach.
Crystal Sand Beach Resort
This is one of the older resorts on the island having been established in 1994. It takes on a rather Mediterranean style and it still remains quite an interesting lodging option. They host a wide range of services which add more value to the place. The rooms are quite alright but are favorably equipped with modern amenities. It's centrally located and is just a few steps away from the beach.
La Fiesta
This is one of the budget accommodations that might ring a bell for many visitors to the island. It's a small resort, which makes it a bit ideal for those who do not want to revel with a huge crowd. The beach is just a few hops away and the resort itself is situated on the northern end of Station 2. D'Mall is a bit of a distance away but is accessible via the island's footpath. Overall, La Fiesta offers really good options for a very reasonable price.
Le Soleil
This is a piece of beachfront property that offers a unique Mediterranean ambiance. Their room rates are pretty much on average with what is offered on the island. This is one of the Boracay hotels and resorts that easily become popular with a lot of customers. Le Soleil lives up to its reputation due to a good range of amenities and services and great deals.
Mango Ray Resort
This is another beachfront resort that can easily become a favorite on the island. Aside from the truly prime location, another good thing about this resort is the fact that it's high end resort with regard to services and amenities. Their beachfront pub is particularly popular on Boracay. The prime location, hip pub, and luxury rooms at reasonable prices make Mango Ray a great tropical island deal.
Ngi Ngi Nu Noos
If you're looking for a more cottage style kind of lodgings then you might find exactly what you're looking for at Ngi Ngi Nu Noos. Much of the establishment is native inspired with bamboos and wooden panels taking the spotlight. It's a beachfront resort which basically adds to the overall appeal it already espouses. In stunning contrast, the furnishings and bathrooms are a combination of modern European and antiques. Rates are a bit lower than average, which is another good reason for choosing this resort.
Nirvana Resort
This resort is a good representative of what a standard hotel in Boracay is like. Well, it isn't a beachfront resort but is pretty close to the main shopping and dining centers of the island, which can also become a good boon. The resort is typical of any mid-range resort on the island and is quite a good option if you're looking to bring your family or some friends along.
OLE Rooms
OLE Rooms is perfectly suited for those in Boracay on a shoestring budget. It's right smack in D'Mall, which is pretty ideal for anyone who wants most of the options nearby. These rooms are actually located right atop the good old OLE Restaurant, another added convenience. Given the fact that the rates are truly budget-friendly, guests are treated to good air conditioning, cable TV, hot and cold showers, and wireless Internet. That is a good deal for anyone who's not particularly splurging in Boracay.
Pinjalo Resort
This is another one of the mid-range Boracay hotels and resorts that is not particularly right on the beach. The rooms are pretty stylish and modern and the landscape right on the property makes it a more tranquil option. This resort would have been a whole lot better if only it was a beachfront property. The rates here are spot on the average you'll get on the island, which is actually a really good deal.
Red Coconut
This is one of the more popular Boracay hotels and resorts on the island. The name of the place is unique enough to spark some interest in anyone. The reception staff in this hotel has made a name for themselves due to their accommodating and hospitable service. It's close enough to D'Mall and is just right on the beach, which makes a truly prime location. It won't be hard to see why this hotel easily exceeds any tourist's expectations.
Regency Lagoon
Another good luxury lodging option is the Regency Lagoon. It's one of the newer hotels on Boracay Island and features a huge freeform pool. The entire place takes on a rather modern design and is somewhat designed for business class travelers. The only thing that may seem as a drawback to this hotel is the fact that it isn't a beachfront piece of property. However, they make up for it since they offer free trips to and from White Beach.
Roque's Place
This is one of the rather smaller inns or resorts on the island. It's right at the edge of Station 2 and is near the path heading for Station 3. It's not beach property but you do get rates that are well suited for those on a shoestring budget. White Beach is a few minutes away on foot. This bungalow type hotel is nice and only has 22 rooms. They have their own restaurant and serve complimentary breakfasts and drinks, which adds to the overall value of the place.
Seabird International Resort
This is one of the Boracay hotels and resorts that lean towards being more budget friendly. It may not exactly be beachfront property but it does offer interesting accommodations for a truly reasonable price. They offer housekeeping, room service, and a host of other services that make one's stay worthwhile. The amenities are just ok and the rooms are well appointed. They truly give you a lot of value for your money.
Sun Woo Sung Resort
This resort has undergone some major improvements and used to go by the name Loveholic Resort. The place is now truly brand new and the accommodations have been made more comfortable. Another good thing about this resort is the fact that the rates here are more affordable than the average on the island. D'Mall is just a short walk away. Do take note that it's not beachfront property.
The Tides Boracay
You can call this resort as something that is beautifully handcrafted, but it really isn't. The place can be described as a work of art. They offer average rates but they provide outstanding amenities and service. It's not beach front property but its right smack in the middle of D'Mall, the commercial center of the island. The full range of services plus modern amenities and average rates make this place an interesting offer.
Victory Beach Resort
This is one of the Boracay hotels and resorts that are very popular for diving and modern amenities. The place offers a good set of amenities that any water sports enthusiast will enjoy. To wit, they have their own dive shop, restaurant, and bar, which make it such an ideal option for both enthusiasts and curious first timers alike.
Villa de Oro
If you're the type who's on vacation in the Philippines who loves to get in a hut to enjoy the simple beauties of life then you might want to try what they offer in Villa de Oro. Their bungalow styled accommodations take on a more native appeal. The rooms are air conditioned. The complimentary breakfast and welcome drink tops off everything nicely.
Villa Sunset
This is one of the Boracay hotels and resorts that are pretty much on average with regard to room rates. However, compared to many mid-range hotels and resorts on the clear white sands of the island, this one leans toward the more affordable side. To sweeten up the deal even further, the modern facilities give you more value for your money. The tropical garden and swimming pool plus furnished rooms make a good offer that many people may not want to pass up.

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