Boracay Outdoor Adventures

Boracay outdoor adventures spells fun, fun and more fun. There are a plethora of activities you can do, so your stay on the island need not be limited to lying on the beach getting a tan.
Activities like jet ski, windsurfing, and kiteboarding take place along the beaches. Diving, swimming and snorkeling take place underwater. Trekking and hiking occurs on trails and rugged landscapes, mountains and forests. In other words, these activities will take you all over the island. 
What to See
Snorkeling and scuba diving will bring you up close with the colorful fish in the oceans. You will also see the beautiful coral reefs in the seas. Hiking and trekking is an opportunity to see the lush greens and the bat cave. Trekking up Mount Luho will offer stunning views of the island. 
Boracay outdoor adventures also include various water sports activities. Kite boarding will have you attached to a specially designed kite while riding the waves. You can also go parasailing and see the island from the skies. 
Trekking, hiking and diving began on the island as soon as it was “discovered” by the outside world in the late 1970s. The 1980s saw the island turn into a destination for backpackers. 
As tourists started coming to the island, hotels and resorts began coming up with other attractions. These include speedboats, jet skis, kayaking and many other water sport activities. There are even competitions held for windsurfing and other sports. 
Each of these activities are priced differently. A whole day of trekking will cost at least 2,000 pesos per individual. Cruising on a speedboat will set you back 3,500 pesos. This is good for five people and a one hour ride. 
Kiteboarding costs about 1,250 pesos for the lessons. A fifteen minute ride will cost 3,000 pesos. Parasailing costs around 3,000 pesos. This is good for a 15 minute ride. The rental for jet skis is about 2,500 per half hour at least. 
Other Info
There are many other activities that you can take part in. There are mountain bike guided tours and the glass boat ride. Of course, you can also go trekking on your own. Whether on foot, bike or some other transport, you can embark on your own adventure. 
These are just some of the Boracay outdoor adventures you will experience while on the island. These thrilling escapades will fill you with excitement and leave you wanting more. 

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