Manana Mexican Restaurant

Manana Mexican Restaurant Boracay is recognized as one of the high quality dining spots on the island. Its varied and tasteful menu is matched by its ambiance and highly effective personnel.
The restaurant is known for its Mexican delicacies and cuisines. Traditional and modern recipes are available. Some of the top favorites are the Tortillas de Papas, Frijoles Refritos and the Manana Combination. 
If you want to get a taste of genuine Mexican food, there is plenty available. Nachos, burritos and of course, tacos are well stocked. While they serve traditional meals, the site adds their own unique twist to the recipes. There are also plenty of drinks being added you so will find the right one to quench your thirst. 
Price Range 
The restaurant is very affordable. with a budget of just 200 pesos, you can have a sumptuous meal at the place. You will also get to savor some of their most refreshing drinks. 
Other Information
In terms of dimensions, the Manana Mexican Restaurant Boracay is not as large as the other restaurants, but it more than makes up for this by the quality of service. The restaurant is well designed and constructed. Its compactness actually makes the place more intimate and cozy. 
Also, the layout of the place is such that the dining area is spacious. The fact that it is at the front of White Beach allows you to fully enjoy the scenery as you eat. Whether you are eating alone,with your special someone or family, you can be assured of a genuinely satisfying experience. 
Hotels Nearby
There are many hotels near the restaurant. Some of them are the Beach Regency Hotel, the Bamboo Beach Resort and the 357 Boracay. You will also find the Velis Inn and Island Jewel Inn close by. 
Also keep in mind that the restaurant is near White Beach. That means all the bars, stores and shops will be nearby. This means you can go shopping anytime. That makes the place even more convenient. 
Location and Contact Information
The Manana Mexican Restaurant Boracay can be found at White Beach. If you are just arriving on the island, you will almost certainly land at the beach.
Due to its popularity, it is recommended that you make advanced bookings or reservations. You can do this by contacting the management at (63) (36) 288 5435. All your other questions about the place can be answered here as well. 

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