Angol Point Dive Site

Boracay Angol Point is one of the better known diving sites in the Philippines. If you are a diving aficionado, this is one of those sites you will want to visit.


This dive site is located at the southern end of Boracay. A boat can take you to the exact spot.

What to See at Angol Point

Even at the shallower points, you will be able to see the diverse aquatic life in the waters. The excellent visibility makes it easy to see the sweetlips, banner fishes and scorpion fishes clearly. Divers will also see several kinds of starfishes and sea snakes.

When diving in the water, try not to get too close to the sea snakes; they are toxic. Hard and soft corals are all over, providing even more attractions.

Depth / Experience Level Required

The shallow point is 5 meters. The maximum depth is 12 meters. The visibility is good for 25 meters. Skilled divers will have no problems navigating the waters. But it is also suitable for beginners. One of the nice things about the Boracay Angol Point is that the currents are mostly steady.

You can dive anytime, including the night. Diving under the full moon is particularly enjoyable. The moon helps improve the view when underwater. It is also a good idea to try diving in November as this is when the coral pollens come out.


The costs are calculated on a per dive basis. The rate is between 25 to 50 USD. There are several dive centers and services in the area, so the price will vary.

The cost will also depend on the type of lessons you are getting. However, few of these dives come near the 50 USD range. There are several dive centers anyway. If the cost is too high, you can always try the other services.

Other Info

Always follow your diving instructor, especially if you are a first time diver. There is no need to worry as long as you pay attention to the instructions. Stress and tension can affect your movement underwater, so stay relax. Before you dive, make sure your gear is properly fit. Check your fins, mask, weights etc. They must all be properly set.

Boracay Angol Point is not just another typical dive site. The scenery is breathtaking, with nothing like it elsewhere. It is truly like being in another world. Do not forget to take a camera; there is simply so much to see.

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