Corporate Golf Cup

The Corporate Golf Cup in Boracay is considered as one of the most prestigious golf tournaments on the island. The unique features of the tournament makes it something to look forward to. 
The tournament begins on February 19 and ends on March 9. This yearly event takes place at the Fairways and Bluewater Resort Golf and Country Club. From anywhere on the island, you can take a tricycle and ask to be taken to the resort in Newcoast. There are also boats at the jetties that can take you directly to the site. 
What to See
The Corporate Golf Cup in Boracay is marked by the participation of some of the biggest companies in the Philippines. These companies fill in their own golf clubs and take part in the event. The companies participate not just to win, but also to promote their products. The extensive coverage given to the event provides a promotional boost for their products. 
What the Tournament is About 
The tournament was established so companies will be able to get together. Although these companies are competing against one another on the course, the event also offers them the chance to bond. 
The tournament has numerous divisions designed for the players. Usually, there is a division for regular players and seniors. There is also a category set aside for amateur players. 
Since it was inaugurated, big prizes have been given away. The prizes are taken from the registration fees that are required to participate. 
As this is a corporate event, the registration fees are higher compared to the usual fees. Those companies who want to join have to pay 50,000 pesos minimum. The costs may vary however, so it is best if you get in touch with the organizers first. 
It is also essential for the participants to make provisions for the hotel and other expenses. In some cases, this may be taken care of by the company. 
Other Info 
The golf event uses different themes in each tournament. This ensures the cup does not get old and more exciting each year. Golf may look easy, but it takes a lot of practice. 
If you are playing to win, make sure that you spend some time practicing. This is not just about swinging the golf club. Timing and concentration are necessary too. 
The Corporate Golf Cup in Boracay is not just your average golf tournament. It is also about companies forming friendships and bonding with each other. 

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