Baracuda Snack Bar

The Baracuda Snack Bar in Boracay is not just a typical snack bar. The varied food offerings here plus the highly effective service has turned it into one of the best hangouts on the island. 
The place is recognized for serving up delicious international delicacies. However, it is best known for its sandwiches and fruit pancakes. This food provider is also recognized for its sumptuous sausages. You will also get the chance to savor the muesli, rosti or schnitzel. For some yummy breakfast treats, you can try out their omelets and salads. 
The Baracuda Snack Bar in Boracay also has special treats for dinner and lunch. The place is also known for its wide selection of beverages and drinks. Those who love sweet drinks will definitely enjoy the fruit shakes. There are many types of coffee served just for coffee lovers. Health buffs will relish the many health drinks on offer. 
Aside from the great food, the place is very clean. The cozy chairs, great food and friendly service will ensure you get the most out of your meals. The layout of the place alone is guaranteed to draw in customers. 
Price Range 
You will need to have a budget of at least 200 pesos so you can enjoy the food and drinks here. 
Other Information
The food service provider also serves up plenty of tzatziki and hummus. Not all their meals are heavy though; those who prefer something light can opt for the Hawaiian Sandwich, the Chicken Schnitzel Sandwich or any of their other delightful treats.
Hotels Nearby
There are several fine hotels near the food service provider. The Regency, the Boracay Beach Resort and the One Crescent Place are among them. The customers will also discover that the Boracay Tropics Resort Hotel, the Beachcomber Resort and Discovery Shores resorts are nearby as well. 
Other fine lodging places like Fridays, Artista Beach Villas and Island Jewel Inn are also in the vicinity. 
There are also several bars nearby, such as the Orange Sky Club, the Bom Bom Bar and the Bubbles Bar. The Mo2 Underground Disco, the Cocomangas Shooter Bar and the Bolero Rum Bar are also close by. There are also dive centers nearby.
Location and Contact Information
The Baracuda Snack Bar in Boracay can be found at White Beach. For more information, you can just drop by the place. The management and staff will be more than happy to answer all your inquiries. 

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