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Since Boracay is a major tourist destination in the Philippines, a lot of hotels and resorts have been put up to answer the call and provide for the needs of tourists and other visitors to the island. These hotels range from budget lodgings to luxurious deluxe hotels and resorts. These establishments cater to all sorts of people who visit the island offering a variety of services.

Many of these establishments are located on White Beach along its four kilometer stretch. It's one long continuous beach connected by an equally long footpath. Other than the ones along White Beach, there are also Boracay Hotels and Resorts on the other sections of the island. On the eastern front, there are also establishments along Bulabog Beach. There are also off beach resorts all over the island that tend to be more private and exclusive.

Boracay Hotels and Resorts around Station 1

All along its length, White Beach is divided into several boat stations. On the northwestern section of the beach is Station 1. Here you'll find the more upscale hotels and resorts on the island. Most of the resorts on this section of White Beach are beach front establishments giving you direct access to the ocean waters and fine sand.

You'll notice that most of these hotels have on-site services, which means that a lot of the hotels here have their own restaurants and bars. That is pretty easy to pick up since the hotels here are a bit of a distance away from the central commercial station of the island where you'll find most of the restaurants, bars, and other nightlife centers.

Here's a list of the Boracay hotels and resorts you'll find in this section of the island:

Ambassador in Paradise

This is one of the more luxurious resorts in Boracay. All the rooms in this resort have a beautiful ocean view since it's primarily a beachfront establishment. This resort is fairly new since it was only established in 2009. The overall theme and ambiance you'll get from this hotel is typical of the establishments on the island – a mix of tropical and modern design. This resort has been given a five star rating.

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Astoria Boracay

This is also one of the newer resorts on the island. This resort slightly departs from the major tropical theme of the island and takes on a more modern appeal. It has around 39 rooms and they are all designed to impress even the discreet business class tourist. It features an indoor/outdoor restaurant and a beautifully crafted swimming pool. The rooms also take on a modern design and are fully furnished.

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Azul Boracay Leisure Resort

This is one of the newer resorts in Boracay and is wonderfully situated on Station 1. It's an excellent place to stay given the fact that its room rates are more affordable than average. This boutique resort only has nine rooms but has a nice beachfront. This boutique resort provides cheaper accommodations right smack where the expensive Boracay hotels and resorts are.

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Azul Boracay

This resort is different from the leisure boutique resort that bears the same name. This resort offers cheaper accommodations but isn't a beachfront property. You will have to stroll for about a minute to get to White Beach coming from this resort. Other than the really affordable room rates, this resort offers a bit more of the traditional Greek style rooms. It offers a clean set of modern decor, large enough bathroom, and a small kitchen area.

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Blue Lily Villa

This is one of the mid-range resorts on the island that has a bit more affordable room rates compared to its peers. It's pretty close to the famous Willy's Rock, which basically means that it's on one of the prime spots on Station 1. Blue Lily Villa is a beachfront property that also offers a more intimate atmosphere, perfect for couples out on a romantic adventure.

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Blue Waves

This is one of the smaller resorts on Station 1 that is located right at the beachfront. The resort only has five rooms, which actually makes it one of the smallest Boracay hotels and resorts. Its rates are very easy on the purse. It's also quite a good option for those on a tight budget since it already provides full amenities in spite of being a simple beach house type resort. The reasonable price and complete package makes it really popular in the area.

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Boracay Beach Club

This resort is also another beachfront resort and is located right at the very heart of Station 1. It is also closer to the nightlife area of the island. Like many of the luxury resorts on the island, it's also a full feature hotel complete with on-site pool, bar, and restaurant. This resort has a lovely roof deck where guests can get a good view of the ocean and the surrounding areas on the island.

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Escondido Beach Resort

This is one of the Boracay hotels and resorts that take on the native Filipino appeal. It may not be a beachfront property but the secluded and more private lodgings are great for those who want to avoid the party crowd. The suites here have their own Jacuzzi and kitchen, which is truly added value for your money given the fact that they have more affordable room rates as compared to the other resorts on the island.

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Estacio Uno

Estacio Uno was once known as Waling Waling Boracay. The place was newly developed and is now transformed into one of the top notch Boracay hotels and resorts. The rooms and other amenities are tastefully designed. The resort features a luxury designed pool, sky lounge, on site restaurant, and beach side cabanas.

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Fridays Boracay

Fridays Boracay is one of the pioneer luxury Boracay hotels and resorts. Due to its long good standing as a premiere resort on the island, it is well reputed among peers. It's located at the end of Station 1, which means that guests can enjoy a little bit more privacy. The design and overall look of this resort is that of a native tropical theme, which matches the overall beauty of the island paradise.

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Jony's Beach Resort

This is an AA-rated resort on the island of Boracay. Guests are to expect friendly and hospitable service from the staff. This establishment is also one of the pioneer tourist service providers on the island. They have been in the hospitality and tourism sector on the island since the 1980s. The place is both homey and modern, a good place to bring the entire family.

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Las Brisas Boracay

This is a mid range hotel right on Station 1 in Boracay. Its room rates are pretty much on average with the standard rates on the island but some rooms are really a bit cheaper. It sports a beachfront view plus shaded cabanas to add to that tropical effect. The swimming pool and restaurant works pretty well for their guests plus WiFi Internet at the beachfront completes the overall package.

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M.R. Holidays Beach Resort

If you're looking for more affordable low budget accommodations then this resort will work just for you. Those in Boracay on a shoestring budget will love what they get for their money from this resort. It's a modern style resort and is located near some of the great restaurants on Station 1. It's not a beachfront resort so you will have to walk a short distance to get to the beach.

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Ngi Ngi Too

Ngi Ngi Too is another mid-range and more affordable boutique resort right where the party is on Station 1. The nice location with beachfront bar and restaurant and a bit cheaper than average room rates makes a powerful combination. Its European fashioned modern bathrooms are added icings to an already good deal.

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Niu Ohana Boracay Garden

If ever you like pacific island themes then you will enjoy staying in this resort. Other than that, it is perfectly situated near the many bars and restaurants, which is good if you're into a lot of the action when the sun goes down. It may not be a beachfront property but White Beach is only a short distance away.

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Punta Rosa

This is one of the northern most Boracay hotels and resorts on Station 1. It's a mid range resort and everything you see on the site is custom built. It's actually in one of the quieter sections of the island and offers more peaceful scenery compared to most locations in Station 1. The biggest thing about this resort is the rooftop lounges and restaurant. You get a good panoramic view of the island from there.

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Real Maris

If you're looking for one of the hottest deals on the island of Boracay, then this might be quite a good choice. Well, it's not a beachfront hotel, which basically means that you will have to walk a bit of a distance to get to the beach. It's actually located on the southern end of Station 1, which is why some people think that the place is actually located on Station 2.

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Residencia Boracay

Residencia Boracay offers some of the best deals on the island in terms of service, amenities, and room rates. It's quite a brand new resort on the island and has access to the main road, which adds value to your stay. The rooms may be simple but they've got modern designs, clean, and comfortable. The beachfront location is an added plus for many guests.

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Sur Beach Resort

One of the modest mid-range resorts on White Beach is Sur Beach Resort. You can say that its simplicity and lack of frills is its very own elegance. The place offers homey and peaceful surroundings in spite of the insane party crowds in Station 1. The rooftop deck offers some of the best views on the island.

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Swipers Inn

This boutique inn has taken one of best spots on the island. It is beautifully situated on right on the prime beachfront section Station 1. The rooms well located on the resort giving guests a great view of the beach. It features a unique outdoor lounge and restaurant that serves Mediterranean cuisine. Dine al fresco and enjoy one of the most outstanding views on the island.

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True Home Hotel

This hotel provides some of the more affordable accommodations on this side of the island. It's actually a specialty hotel on White Beach that offers very modern amenities. It's a beachfront property that makes it a bit more ideal location-wise. Its Italian restaurant and beach side bar makes things even better.

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Two Seasons Boracay

This resort is one of the best Boracay hotels and resorts and the overwhelming majority of guests who have been here can readily recommend it to anyone. It's one of the beachfront hotels that allow you direct and easy access to the sands and cool ocean waters. The hotel features cabana seating areas, one of the popular restaurants on the island, and shaded beach chairs. Their staff is well noted for their courteous and polite service.

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White House

This resort looks more like a Mediterranean beach house than an actual resort in the Philippines, which kind of makes it unique. The room rates in this resort are slightly more affordable than the average rates you get on Station 1. The swimming pool plus beach lounge and bar add to the overall effect the owners want to portray.

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Willy's Beach Club Hotel

You can say that this is one of the truly iconic pieces of real estate on the island of Boracay. Incidentally, right at this hotel, you'll find the ever popular Willy's Rock. If you're looking for rates that are on the average in the island then this is quite a good choice. It's located right where the action is on Station 1 so you are guaranteed of pure partying when the sun goes down.

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Zuzuni Boutique Hotel

This is one of the more popular boutique Boracay hotels and resorts on the island. The entire boutique hotel is kept clean and cozy by their hotel staff that functions like clockwork. In spite of its small size, it maintains class and spunk like no other, note that the hotel only has four rooms. One big highlight you can get from this boutique hotel is their restaurant that offers a fusion of contemporary and Greek cuisine.

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