Prana Restaurant

The Prana Restaurant in Boracay serves up healthy organic food and vegetarian cuisines. The word “prana” is Sanskrit meaning life energy. You will certainly feel healthy and energized once you get a taste of the food here. 
The vegetarian and organic dishes at the restaurant are a mixture of Western and Oriental delicacies. The meals served here consist of green leafy vegetables, herbs and legumes. 
One of the cuisines you will get to taste here is the Pomodoro Soup. This tasty treat is made up of vegetable broth, peeled tomatoes and basil. You can eat this with brown bread. This delectable treat is sure to whet the appetite of vegetarians and even non-vegetarians. 
If you want something light, the Prana Restaurant in Boracay offers the Penne Vegetable Pasta, made up of succulent roasted vegetables. Another specialty in the restaurant is the Pan-Fried Tofu, a dish rich in protein but devoid of meat. 
The food here cost anywhere between 200 to 300 pesos. This restaurant is the built in eatery of Mandala Spa. This is one of the best known spa services on the island. This means you will not only get to enjoy the meals, but also their services. 
Other Information
The dishes served here are made up of more than just green vegetables. The ingredients are prepared in such a way so as to ensure the individual gets full but also healthy. 
The philosophy in the restaurant is to prepare the food in a way that the prana or life energy is preserved. The dishes are not only well prepared, but they are also elegantly presented. The beautiful presentation of the food makes the dish even more appetizing. 
The atmosphere in the restaurant is relaxed and tranquil. The serene atmosphere lends itself well to the natural sights and sounds of the island. Long time vegetarians will definitely enjoy this place. if you are entertaining thoughts of becoming a vegetarian, this is a good place to start. 
Hotels Nearby
There are many hotels near the restaurant. Some of them are the Ocean Club Beach Resort and the Isla de Boracay. There are also many resorts nearby. This makes the place easy to find. 
Location and Contact Information
The Prana Restaurant in Boracay can be found over the Mandala Spa reception area. You will find this at the Angol hilltop over at Barangay Manoc-Manoc. You can obtain more information by calling them at 63-36-288-5858.

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