Laguna de Boracay

Laguna de Boracay is a bow-tie shaped island, which gives out a back-to-nature feel. It is a white beach paradise that is worth exploring what with its tranquil, serene atmosphere.
Laguna de Boracay is located south of Bulubog Beach. Tourists who rather have a white beach paradise to themselves than share with a huge crowd prefer it. It is like a private village that not too many people are able to discover.
To get to Laguna de Boracay, you have to go through the waters. Rent a boat that will charter you to and from the private paradise and back to where all the action is.
What to See There
Some tourists complain of the smell of corals during low tide and the presence of sea urchins on the shoreline during high tide. Nonetheless, those cannot change the fact that Laguna de Boracay is such a charming view, with its pristine blue waters that is perfect for many outdoor adventures including windsurfing and scuba diving.
Laguna de Boracay has been tagged as the “windy beach” for reasons that are obvious. It is best to enjoy kiteboarding and windsurfing in this spot on the Boracay paradise because the current of the wind secures real action!
Laguna de Boracay also has a lively marine life underneath the surface. You would definitely enjoy catching a glimpse of a number of species. That’s why snorkeling and scuba diving are top activities that visitors came there for.
Depth/Experience Level Required
Like in most diving sites in the Boracay area, Laguna de Boracay allows all levels of divers to enjoy this piece of heaven on earth. You may have some restrictions of the areas to explore depending on your experience but you will definitely enjoy the dip once there no matter what.
The amount you will spend to enjoy Laguna de Boracay is definitely worth it whether you will come there just to dive or have yourself fully embraced in its warm by taking an accommodation package.
At Laguna de Boracay Resort, packages are available in a price range between $120-$150. Those include the use of facilities such as scuba diving, boating, windsurfing, and water skiing among others.
Other Info
There is one thing more that makes Laguna de Boracay a worthy destination. It offers low pressure shopping for some of the most affordable (low-priced!) local jewelry. That means, you will have a wonderful time shopping for souvenirs that you can offer your loved ones as a gift. In the white beach front, where much of the action is, shops charge unbelievable amounts for souvenir items.

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