Channel Drift

Apart from its white sand beaches, Boracay is also known as a premier diving destination. One of the trendiest locations is the Channel Drift dive site. 
The site is situated between the Aklan mainland and Boracay. You can reach the place via a speed or motor boat. It should take no more than 15 minutes. The trip can be undertaken at any of the three boat stations. 
What to See
The whole site is best described as an oasis of corals, fish, assorted sea creatures and myriad rock formations. Divers will see different types of corals and in different colors. The rocks are in all sorts of shapes and sizes, with fish swimming in and out of the crevices. 
Stingrays and snappers are commonplace here, as are lionfish and angelfish. Do not be surprised if you see some sharks in the area as well. 
The area is also famous for the fact that it will permit you to drift in the canyons and openings in the waters. This can be an exhilarating experience. But this is only for those adept at drift diving. 
Depth / Experience Level Required
The maximum depth reaches 36 meters and the minimum depth is 5 meters. The waters are noted for the strong currents, so it is recommended for those with some experience in diving. 
It is true that open water divers can go there. However, the ideal situation is if you have a certificate for advanced open water. Fortunately, there are many dive guides in the area. 
The cost is about 35 to 40 USD. This ought to cover the fee for the guide, the gear and the transport costs. Many of the travel packages on the island offer diving expeditions to the site. In this case, the cost will be included in the package you paid for. The rates are going to vary per tour operator however. 
Other Info 
Before you dive, make certain you are wearing your gear correctly. If not, the currents may get to you. Keep this in mind especially if you are diving alone. 
A new diver should not go to this site without a guide. Always follow the instructions that will be given. Do not hesitate to ask questions too. 
If you ask the locals about the Channel Drift dive site, do not be surprised if they refer to the site as Channel Steps. The two are the same thing.

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