Kayaking in Boracay

Kayaking in Boracay is included in most travel packages. This is understandable, as it is one of the most popular water sport activities, and one of the most exciting you can do. 
There are many places where you can kayak. Novices can try sandy beaches and some of the rockier coastal sections of the island. For the veterans, there is the option of going through the whole 20 km stretch of the island. Those who love white water kayaking will find good spots 60 minutes away from Caticlan. 
What to See
The experience is simply exhilarating. Navigating through the waters can be physically demanding, but at the same time you will still be able to admire the scenery. 
Everything around you – the pristine waters, clear skies and the beaches – make for an unforgettable experience. Even though you are physically engaged, there is the feeling of being one with nature. 
Kayaking in Boracay has long been trendy. Since the 1980s, this has been one of the most popular water sport activities. Even with the advent of jet skis and speedboats, it has not lost its appeal. 
Unlike other leisure activities, this one involves some physical exertion. Navigating through the waters successfully brings about a feeling of satisfaction. That is why through the years, the activity has remained popular. 
The months from July to November are considered the best times to kayak on the island. During this period, the winds will blow harder than usual. You can do so in the other months, but the wind condition may not be as ideal. 
These kayaks are available for rent. The cost is 8 to 10 USD an hour. It will cost 30 to 35 USD if you are going to rent it the whole day. There are also double kayaks. The rent will be higher for this variant. 
Some packages will include lunch and scuba diving, allowing you to see life underwater. However, these extra amenities will lead to an increase in the price. 
Other Info 
The activity is often bundled with other treats. Many packages will have a visit to the Panay Island coast. Other packages will include stays at select lodging places. Some of these packages will include hikes and treks. 
Kayaking in Boracay takes a bit of time to get used to. But as stated earlier, there are rides that beginners can take. Just take your time and enjoy the ride.

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