There are primarily just two main things that people usually do while on Puka Beach on the island of Boracay. The first one would be enjoying the puka shells, either treading on the ones that are already crushed to shreds while on the beach or purchasing them when they've been made into nice little jewelry. The other main thing that people do on this beach is eating at Tesebel Ihaw-Ihaw Restaurant.
Well, there are really other things that people pay attention to when on that beach but you just can't pass up the chance to try the food in this restaurant. Sampling their menu is pretty much like enjoying crafted jewelry made by local artisans. If you're a true lover of seafood then you should honestly look into the stuff they serve on their platters.
The Tesebels Menu
As stated earlier, the big hits in this Boracay restaurant are the seafood. One of the menu items that really take on a huge spark with a majority of the diners is the dish called Garlic Prawns with Honey. For some reason, everyone's raving about it enough that it can light up your own curiosity.
Of course, the other prawn dishes are just as interesting as well. For instance, they serve chili prawns, grilled prawns, prawn tempura, prawn sinigang, and steamed prawns among others. Now that isn't a line out of the movie Forrest Gump but the prawns here really take the cake.
The other seafood on the Tesebels menu includes a fair variety of squid, fish, and crabs, which seem just as good. As an added note, try their calamares! It's a winner. If there is one thing that guests will easily notice about the menu, it would be the fact that the food items they serve are mostly fried, grilled, or soup form. Of course, that basically takes on the local beach style menu in the Philippines.
There's actually more to Tesebel Ihaw-Ihaw Restaurant than just the prawns and seafood. They also serve pork and chicken in a number of different ways, mostly grilled by the way. They serve several different rice dishes from plain boiled rice to omelet with rice. The drinks they serve are pretty basic, which includes chilled coconut and soda. They also serve the popular local beer in the country and coffee.
The Restaurant and Its Ambiance
Tesebel Ihaw-Ihaw Restaurant is pretty typical of the simple local food establishments you'll find on the island. The exterior isn't really lavish but its native look is truly appealing. You dine while you take a whiff of fresh air since there isn't really air conditioning, unless of course the owners of the restaurant would deem it necessary one day to install one. The bamboo and wooden walls complete the overall native and cheery ambiance of the place.
Finding Tesebels
You can get to Tesebels by hopping on a motorized tricycle and pay about Php 25 for each person. Just tell them you're heading out to the place and please tell them it's at Puka Beach. If you're coming over all the way from Station 3 then you might end up paying a total of Php 150 one way. As an added trivia, the name of the place is coined after the names of the restaurant owners, Tessie and Billy.
Contact Info
The street address of Tesebel Ihaw-Ihaw Restaurant is Puka Beach, Yapak, Boracay Island. Their phone number is +63-36-288-6705.

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