Boracay Beach Soccer Cup

The Boracay Beach Soccer Cup is one of the most highly anticipated sporting events on the island. As one of the premiere attractions on the island paradise, it has a strong following among residents and the tourists that visit the place. 
The sporting event takes place at White Beach. It is a three day event beginning March 12 and culminating on March 14. White Beach is very accessible. If coming from Caticlan, take a ride to the seaport. Next you have to ride on one of the boats on the jetty. You will be taken to White Beach. 
The tournament is held at Cocomangas Resort. The ferries are an alternate option for those who do not want to use the boats. 
What to See
The Boracay Beach Soccer Cup is of course, all about soccer. Throughout the three days, several soccer games take place. Cocomangas Resort, the sponsor, has its own team. There are also many Philippine teams that participate. 
But it is also open to clubs from all over the world. Many foreign clubs take part in the event, giving it an international flavor. Just like anywhere else in the world, the crowds make up a big part of the game as they cheer every move. 
The tournament was created mainly to attract tourists. Its sponsor, Cocomangas Resort, saw the possibilities given the immense popularity of soccer all over the world. Since its initial staging, the event has proven to be incredibly popular. Tourists who come to the island fell in love with the game instantly and word spread quickly. 
However, the event is not just about winning the championship; the event also builds friendships among players and clubs. This is by far the more important aspect of the event. 
All teams that will play require a registration fee. The amount varies however, so one has to contact the resort first. Aside from the fees, there may be other requirements, so interested participants should get in touch with the organizer first. 
Other Info
The Cup is not just about the games. Once the championship is over, a party is thrown out by the organizers. There are food, drinks, music and entertainment for all the teams that participated in the tournament. 
Even if you choose not to play, just watching the Boracay Beach Soccer Cup will excite you. The cheering crowds will leave you breathless as much as the action between the teams slugging it out.

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