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Boracay Bars and Nightlife

The secret is out and there's no way to hide the fact that Boracay has its very own nightlife and party scene. Well, what would you expect if you have a bunch of great bars set up on the island? However, take note that the nightlife scene here isn't the same as the one you'll find in let's say, Angeles City. To wit, you can say that the one you'll find in Boracay is a bit more family friendly and is turned down several notches by comparison.
Happy hour usually starts on the island from around five in the afternoon to seven in the evening. However, some Boracay bars start their happy hours a lot earlier like 2 pm and onwards. It really depends on the bar but they usually bring out the beer in the afternoon. Expect to sample tropical drinks with your booze and don't miss out on the barbecue buffet and excellent music. Note that the nightlife vibe on the island is a bit fluid.
Where's the Party?
Station 2 is right where the party is at with vibrant music filling the evening air. Of course, some of the Boracay bars here in this boat station like Pat's Creek and Bom Bom Bar do offer a softer toned evening. There's usually live music right on the beach and fire dancers lighting up the evening.
Those who are not much into the wild nightlife parties should try the acts they can find on Station 3. The Boracay Bars there are kind of more down to earth than the rest of the bars on the island. This boat station is a quieter section of the white sands. Note that Friday nights usually becomes beach barbecue nights in Station 3. You get to enjoy interesting local tropical concoctions with mouthwatering barbecue over live island and reggae music.
Some bars even host musical events and have DJ's mix up the tunes and pull out the trance so people can party the night away. Expect to find more people here in Station 2 than the rest of the island when the sun goes down. Do take note that the expats usually tend to hang out in the area of D'Mall and places nearby.
Live music comes up every now and then on Station 1 where the nightlife scene is a little more docile compared to Station 2. The larger resorts that have their very own bars usually provide the live bands and evening entertainment. As a bit of a tip, don't miss out the full moon parties at Cocomangas – things get pretty cooked up there for some reason. If you're brave enough you can even try their 15 shooters challenge.
When to Party?
The next question is when would be the best party nights in Boracay. The answer is that the party is on in the island every night! Of course, admittedly, some nights are truly much better than the rest. Now, here's a big hint. There are certain times in the year when a lot of brand promotion is going on. These are times when get a lot of drinks and other stuff for free, which basically makes the party even grander than ever. So, this basically makes the Christmas-New Year's Week Holiday, Halloween, and Easter Holidays some of the best times to party on the island.
Without further adieu, here are the party places and Boracay bars you might want to check out:
Bom Bom Bar
This nightlife destination is one of the most recommended places to hang out when the sun takes a dive. It's situated at Station 2, where most of the party places are at. You can find it by going to the area where D'Mall is closest to the beach. The place is designed with a native Caribbean beat to it. They also feature live music, which is usually filled with reggae sounds. Happy hour starts early in this Boracay bar, starts at 2 pm. Beer is regularly priced at Php 70.
Guilly's Island
Guilly's Island is one of the bars on the white sands of Boracay that offers parties that extend onto the beach. The party here usually lasts until the wee hours of the morning. They serve an array of international cuisines plus a fiery tequila mix that might be a bit of a challenge. Their DJ's are response able enough to figure out how to keep the party alive all the time.
Pat's Creek Bar
This is also another one of the more popular Boracay bars on White Beach. This bar is actually located right next to Bom Bom Bar so you don't really have to go that far to enjoy the scene from both of these top rated party places. It also has a native driftwood design complete with that Bob Marley ambiance. Beers go for Php 60 to Php 70 and happy hours also start early here at 2 pm.
MAMA's Bar, Restaurant, and Chillout Lounge
It's a chillout lounge so expect things to be more tamed and family friendly. If anything, the Austrian-German cuisine is simply delish. The owner, Marcus, can cook up a feast and is friendly with the guests. All in all, it's a great place to relax and hang out for a quieter and more private evening.
Ambassador is the in-house bar of Paradise Hotel. To put things simpler terms, it's kind of a perfect place for a romantic evening. They serve contemporary cuisine plus Japanese food and a load of grilled delights. The music here is more relaxed and tasteful. They also have a nice selection of wines you can choose from. Most people sit down at their tables hungry and get up completely satisfied.
The Exit Bar is usually a place where an interesting mix of folks from various backgrounds converges. The bar is located near Station 1. If you're at Bom Bom Bar, head out in the direction of Red Coconut and you'll find this bar along the way. It's just a small bar and hangout place compared to other bars on the island but it sure packs a great party atmosphere thanks to owners Jojo and Kevin who whip up a good crowd. The ambiance takes on a rather native air to it and the furnishings are pretty much made of bamboo and other native materials.
Hey Jude Bar and Bistro
This bar and restaurant has been described as a cool hangout place on more than one occasion. It's located on White Beach and is at the D'Mall center path. You can hardly miss it but if you can't find it just look around in the D'Mall beach area. The drinks are a festive mix and will guarantee a party that will last until the sun starts to rise in the horizon.
This bar is located on Station 2 and is situated right next to Mandarin Hotel. It's one of the hottest bars on the island and is right smack where the party is. It's one of the most popular Boracay bars out there. They have a DJ on board to supply the party vibe all night long. This bar mainly attracts the younger generation with the dancing and party spilling out all over the place. Regular rates are at Php 70 but note that their margaritas go for Php 130. Happy hour here usually starts at 4 pm and ends at 8 pm.
Summer Place
Some people would love to argue that this is the best nightspot in all of Boracay. Well, of course, people can pull out several names of other Boracay bars but you will usually find this bar rated as one of the very best on the island's white sands. It's a beachfront bar at Boat Station 2, which means that the party spills out into the beautiful sands at times. You usually find a good mix of people in Summer Place and the Mongolian Barbecue they serve compliments the drinks very well.
Cocomangas is also one of the more popular bars here in the island. It's located in Station 1. Happy hour here starts late at 7:30 pm but you keep getting two for one drinks until 9:30 pm, which is already a good deal. Rates start at Php 65 for your drinks. This place is a classic and has been around since 1987. The dance floor is kept alive and vibrant with their in house DJ playing house and hip hop all night. The bean bag seating is a comfortable trend in this part of Boracay.
Club Paraw
This is one of the nightlife spots on the island that is set on quieter and more relaxed scenery. It's a great chill-out place if you want to spend a bit of a more relaxing evening. They do have an in-house DJ to supply the music and keep the party going. The bar is situated on Station 1 so you can expect the guests to be a bit more refined and somewhat artsy and classy. Happy hours start at 4 pm and ends at 8 pm, which also means you get two for one beer and drinks. Beers sell in Club Paraw starting at Php 75.
Ngi Ngi's Bar
Ngi Ngi's is only a short walk away from Boracay Regency. It's one of the beachfront bars on Station 2 and it is usually packed. Very few people complain about the service and the food, though it's not rated as one of the very best the island has to offer. However, the number of people you find here is a firm testament why it's a cool place to hang out at night. Just make sure you come to the bar before happy hour, which starts at 5 pm. That is usually the time when the huge bulk of people come in. Don't miss out on their fish fingers and chicken satay. The Sunday roast is a good thing to throw into your table as well.
Friday's Boracay Bar
Friday's Boracay is one of the pioneer triple-A resorts on the island. Such distinguished status can only be matched by an equally interesting bar. It's located on Station 1 at the northern end of White Beach. The bar itself is right at the beach and has a native twang about it. The pride of this bar is their very extensive wine selection, which can basically perk anyone's interest. You might also want to enjoy their premium cigars from the Dominican Republic and Cuba.
Kurt's Bar
This is one of the popular Boracay bars near Station 3. It's a neat place and quite popular on the island for serving draft beer. Folks usually come over to meet and just chat around. They serve both Filipino and German cuisine. Put together a Jager Schnitzel plus a frothy beer then you really have enough for anyone's fill.
Charlh's Bar
This one of the Boracay bars located near Stations 2 and 3. The beer here is mildly priced at Php 50 and their outstanding piña colada is at Php 150. Happy hour in this bar starts in the afternoon at 5 pm and lasts for four hours. You can basically get a free drink for every drink you order. This is the only bar on the beach side of the island's footpath. The place is quite iconic and everyone knows where it is. People usually just sit right on the beach, enjoy their drinks, and watch the live band make their music.
Pier One
This place was once known as Beachcomber Disco. It's located on Station 1 providing a rather relaxed and casual atmosphere. This bar usually caters to the younger crowd but you get to see other folks joining in as well. Popular music icons from Manila usually perform here but the usual techno and hip hop music is the regular vibe you get to hear.
Red Pirates
This little bar at the beach is quite popular in the island for its native theme and chill out ambiance. The evening is lit by torches and candles, which is an essential element to set the island mood. The tribal and ethnic sounds also contribute to the general ambiance. Drinks here are pretty reasonable and the food can easily hit the spot right on. You don't usually get hassled by crowds or even vendors due to its location. You can enjoy your drink with friends or chat away with a complete stranger. Others just love to enjoy the scene and vibes while swinging in a hammock.
Deja Vu
Deja Vu is one of the newer Boracay bars and party hot spots. Guess what, it's also located on Station 2. The items you'll find on the menu include a good mix of western cuisine including pizzas, burgers, and sizzling wings. The place is very promising with DJ's spinning the night away, which basically enhances the mood. Their cocktail mixes are also quite interesting. One of the really good sides about this bar is the fact that it has a very long happy hour, starting at noon and ending at 8 pm. Now, that's a pretty long time to enjoy the concoctions and other highlights of Deja Vu.
Crafty's Rooftop Bar
The name of this bar isn't that crafty, well it's right atop Crafts Department Store so the little coining of the term can sound a bit cheesy come to think of it. However, that isn't what you'll get out of their beer and drinks. The menu is quite excellent, which includes dishes from a variety of international cuisines. Since you're spending your time at the rooftop, you get a one of a kind view of the popular Boracay sunset. Nothing like chilling out in the afternoon and watching the sun drop slowly into the horizon with a cool breeze in your face as you enjoy a cool beer and hot food. Their selection of imported beers is quite extensive and commendable.
This is one of the Boracay bars and nightlife places where the expats often congregate. The big reason of course is the fun ambiance this bar has. It's a classic friendly English pub type of bar where the staff greets you will all smiles. Happy hour starts in Rumbas at 4 pm and usually lasts until 7 pm. The food and drinks are priced just right plus the location is pretty good too, right at D'Mall. This is a good staging point to start your bar hopping night since the other bars are just around.
Loco Frio
Loco Frio is the place to enjoy some crazy cocktail. It's located right in between Station 1 and Station 2 so you can get the best out of both places if you go bar hopping in Boracay. It's a slushy mix delight for all guests every night mixed with your preferred alcoholic drink. An equally astounding deal is that you get discounts if you keep your tumbler and take it to the refilling outlet on the main road.
Blue Mango Bar
This was once known as Jazzed Up Cafe. Well, it now has a dive shop plus it's set up as a bar slash restaurant. It's one of the Boracay bars at Angol Point. The place is designed with murals and the decor is quite imaginative. The view off the roof deck is priceless so don't miss out on their sunset cocktail.
Bubbles Bar
This is another bar making up the Angol nightlife scene. It's more of a place to enjoy your drink and chat instead of a raving party place. It's actually a nice refreshing change from shouting to your friends over loud techno music. The laidback atmosphere is quite welcoming plus the island appeal completes the ambiance. Don't miss out on their barbecue parties that usually occur during the peak season in Boracay.
Epic Bar
The Epic Bar is one of the hottest places you go to for some amazing nightlife on the island. This is actually one of the largest clubs you'll find on the island of Boracay. The ambiance here leans toward a classy lounge rather than just some crazy party zone at some other place. They serve a mix of Asian and western cuisine, which adds to the overall genuine appeal of this bar. They usually have a famous DJ spin the music to keep the dancing fever up all night. It's also very easy to find since its situated right in D'Mall.
Bamboo Bar and Resto
It might look like a simple place to dine but the place comes alive with fire dancers blazing the night with mesmerizing maneuvers. Take a memento of your time here and pause for a photo op with the lovely fire twirlers. All in all, the place is a great spot to chill out. The food they serve with the drinks are also commendable. Fine wine with angus beef served here is something you don't want to miss.
Orange Sky Club
This is one of the hottest nightlife scenes in the island of Boracay. It's cocktails, vodka, rum, tequila, gin, beer, and scotch galore every night. Like many of the bars on the island, they serve grilled food to your heart's content. Yes, they usually have grilled seafood, which is a lot healthier for many folks. The DJ's here play the now prevalent house, hip hop, and R&B. This basically means that you should expect the younger generation to be flocking here at night. The party stays up all night long and casual atmosphere is pretty inviting. In fact, you get to see a nice mix of people from different backgrounds converging here. Drinks here cost at Php 70 and the more expensive cocktails will require Php 150.
If you're the type who wants to enjoy a fine selection of wine and drinks in a rather formal setting then try the Cork Bar. Wine connoisseurs will have quite a good time here. Their selection is pretty broad and can suit any kind of taste or budget. The formal ambiance is pervasive and promises truly elegant evenings. The Cork is located on Station 2 at the ground floor of Regency Lagoon.
Hobbit House
This is one of the bars in Boracay where you see bands perform every night. So, if you're into musical gigs over a mug of beer then this is the place for you. It's located at D'Mall Plaza so you really won't have any hassle trying to find it. The place is pretty laid back and you get the unique opportunity of having hobbits serve your food and drinks. The staff and personnel are very accommodating and it's a great place for casual meet ups and night out among friends.
Jungle Bar
If you're looking for a bar on Bulabog Beach then the Jungle Bar is a pretty good candidate among the other options on the eastern side of Boracay Island. The name of the bar basically gives you an idea about its general atmosphere. Fire dancers keep the night bright and lively. The ethnic drums and dances gives you that grass roots feel. The bar itself has a native design – more like a tree house – and the music also leans toward a reggae vibe. They also celebrate a full moon party that is worth looking into.
Bolero Rum Bar and Mexican Kitchen
This one of a kind bar is one of the pretty unique Boracay Bars. It's located on the area in between the island's Tourist Center and Station 3. It's on a quieter section of the island and promises great food and drinks with an attitude. They serve Spanish and Mexican food along with other western dishes. The commendable items on their menu include their rosti and sandwiches. Of course, it won't be called a "rum bar" if they don't serve rum. You just simply can't walk out their door without at least taking a shot of the local rum.
Sambas Seafood Grill
Sambas is one of the popular Boracay bars for its rather interesting cocktail parties. The name of the place depicts their main cuisine – seafood and it's grilled to perfection. You won't usually find raving parties here but rather intimate evenings. It's actually one of the places on the island where you can find some peace and enjoy a romantic dinner.


  1. To whom it may concern,

    My name is Shane O’Neill AKA ( DJ MOTO ) and I have been Dj’n for the past 18 years. I have played in various countries all over the world!! I live in Beijing now but I will be visiting Boracay for a wedding from the 1st until the 10th of June 2012!
    I was wondering If you might have any DJ slots free during that time!
    I can cater for most types of music depending what kind of club and atmosphere it is on the night! My Main music style is house music all night long!!!! If you where to give me a chance to play I will not ask for any payment and I will guarantee you will be very happy with what I can do on the decks!!

    Here is a list of some of the places I have played in the past!!

    Name: Shane O’Neill
    > Aka: MOTO
    > Age: 32
    > Location: Beijing Ph: 0086 1591 0678961
    > Email:
    > Main Music style: House, Tech House , Minimal, and Chill out
    > Other music style: electro,techno,house
    > Venues where I have played:

    > Dublin 1995-2001 I played in various different bars and clubs around Ireland including the redbox, sir henry’s and the White horse early house club.

    > America 2002-2003
    > Miami winter music conference
    > Burning man
    > And different clubs around San francisco including the endup.

    > Jersey 2003-2006
    > Pure
    > Liquid
    > Follies
    > I organized some great beach party’s

    > London 2006-2010
    > Chapel bar angle
    > Jam bar shorditch
    > Russian bar kingsland rd
    > Arches south bank
    > Inago clapham
    > Passion fm
    > Egg club
    > The cross
    > Plus more

    > Ibiza 2008
    > 8 hour set at bora bora

    > Beijing 2011
    > Bar Blu
    > Fu Bar
    > Punk
    > Mo Lounge
    > Headlined the Moon Island New moon party July 2011

    I hope this is ok for you!
    If you feel your bar is not the right place for me to play you might have some other recommendations on the Island
    Looking forward to partying in Boracay,

    Best Regards,

    Shane O’Neill

  2. Theres a couple of new night clubs in Boracay now, the newest and trendiest one being EPIC nightclub, former hey jude, its a pretty swanky place right on the beach at the end of d’mall.

    Couple of new clubs on the main road now too, but i think they cater mostly for koreans.

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