Puka Beach

Puka Beach is much different from most Boracay beaches. It may not be the site for wild all-day all-night summer partying, but that doesn’t make it by any means dull. With a much more laid-back atmosphere, those who would much rather prefer a slice of paradise on earth will find a lot to like in its idyllic tranquility.
Location and How to Get There
Upon arrival on the shores of Boracay, there are a number of ways to get to Puka Beach. One can reach the beach simply by taking a tricycle ride, but those looking for a more fun and unique trip may also hire a bicycle, motorcycle or even an ATV to their chosen destination. Another great and recommended way to reach Puka Beach is by taking a banca ride, which is doubly exciting for passengers, as it would also give them a scenic tour of the island on the way there. A trip from Boracay to Puka Beach would take approximately 30 minutes. During the off-season, though, there are limited modes of transportation to take tourists back from the beach to the main island, so it is advisable to arrange for the boat or tricycle drivers to come back for them.
What to See There
Compared to most of the other beaches in Boracay, Puka Beach has less powdery and grainier sands, as well as deeper and rougher waters. It also has a much more tranquil tropical ambiance. Uninhabited in comparison, it is the ideal setting for those who just want a nice, peaceful summer holiday. It’s a great place to just relax, listen to the sound of the waves gently splashing on the shore, and watch the breathtaking vista of the setting sun. The beach gets its name from the puka shells that can be found strewn about on its shores. 
Places to Eat on the Beach
There is actually only one restaurant located in Puka Beach. This is Tesebels, whose delectable specialties include garlic prawns, calamares, and crabs. Apart from Tesebels, there are no other resorts or any type of establishment on the beach. So those who intend to spend a whole day there are advised to bring along lots of food and drinks.
Places to Get Necessities
Famous as it is for its puka shells, it is not surprising that there are many shops on Puka Beach that sell beautiful puka shell jewelry. These would make great souvenir items, pretty little reminders of a wonderful Boracay escapade. Also, puka shell jewelry is said to bring people good luck and protect them from harm while traveling.
Other Info
Puka Beach covers a total of 800 m in land area, ranking it the 2nd largest beach constituting 1/2 of its northern tip.

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