Greenyard Funboard Center

The Greenyard Funboard Center is one of the most interesting places you can visit in Boracay. There are many activities on offer that can satisfy the needs of different people. 
The complex is very close to Bulabog Beach. Bulabog Beach is not that far from White Beach. You can reach the Center by taking a tricycle. You do not need to specify directions; just tell them the name of the place and they will take you there. 
What to See
The Greenyard Funboard Center has several activities for their visitors. The Hangin Kite Center offers lessons on kiteboarding. There are lessons offered for both new and advanced kiteboarders. 
What makes it appealing is the lessons can be taught in different languages. English and Filipino are the most widely used, but the Center also teaches the lessons in Swedish and Dutch. This feature will definitely be appreciated by tourists. 
The origin of kiteboarding can be traced back to Dominique and Bruno Legaignoux, two water sport aficionados. In 1985, the brothers received a patent for the kiteboard they invented. 
It took a while for the sport to take off, but eventually people began taking notice. During the succeeding years, several variations appeared. The sport would begin taking off in the 1990s. 
The costs of the courses vary. The Discover Kiteboarding lesson costs 2,800 pesos and lasts for two hours. A whole day course will set you back 6,000 pesos. If you want the 14 hour full course with certificate, prepare to spend at least 19,000 pesos. 
A 90 minute windsurfing lesson has a price tag of 1,700 pesos. For those that want more rigorous and serious lessons, the cost will be 5,000 pesos. This course will have a couple of hours of real practice. 
If you want the complete training course, the cost will be at least 5,400 pesos. Keep in mind that the costs of these lessons are subject to change. 
Other Info
The Center also has windsurfing lessons. There are basic training lessons and advanced ones as well. The advanced courses will have simulation and water exercises. The most complex training avails of bootstraps, harnesses, waterstarts and wave sailing. This is for those who are serious about windsurfing. 
The Greenyard Funboard Center is not just all about extreme sports. It is linked with several beach resorts and hotels. This means you have many options when it comes to deciding where to stay. 

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