Boracay Island

Anyone who hasn't been to the Philippines will want to see the best that the country has to offer. A common impression is that it's in the Pacific so you can imagine palm trees, neat little huts, white sand beaches, beach beds, nice chilled or iced drinks to compliment the weather, and the beautiful ocean. If that is your first impression of the country then you get the chance to fulfill the fantasy by heading out to Boracay.

White BeachA dream vacation coming to life right before your eyes – that is exactly what this Philippine island embodies. Now that isn't just something anyone comes up with off the top of their head. It is no surprise that many people have described their experience on the island that way. No small wonder that the place has been nominated as the best beach in the world on more than one occasion.

Understand the Basics

Getting general tourist information about this tropical island can spell the success or failure of your visit. One ought to know what tourist traps to avoid. Visitors ought to get acquainted with financial matters like where you can get access to your cash in case you run out. You should also find out what things you ought to bring and know where you can turn to in case you run into trouble.


People actually begin their voyage to this island via a short flight on a local plane. The island is small so don't expect to be landing here. You'll take a short boat ride just to get to this island. Coincidental with getting general tourist info, one should expect certain fees that tourists are expected to pay once they land on the island itself.

There are only a few transportation options here but you usually have to go on foot to get to the many hot spots. Oh yes, you'll also do a lot of boat riding in case you want to get a tour of the place.


Perhaps the most popular beach here on the island is White Beach, which is due to its resplendent white sands and calm waters. Strong winds don't Beach on Boracayusually disturb both water and pristine sand on its side of the island, which makes it quite idyllic. This beach stretches to four kilometers in length and is lined by various hotels and resorts from one end to the other.

Of course, the other beaches in Boracay are also worth the trip and each one of them has something unique to offer to visitors and guests. After all, there is more to just pristine beauty that makes a beach part of the world's best. Some of the criteria that people ought to consider should include night attractions, dive spots, excellent cuisine, and top notch accommodations.

The Climate

The Boracay climate is pretty much the same as the typical climate you get in the Philippines. It enjoys a full summer season and also has a wet rainy season. The climate also dictates whether you get to spend more on room rates or not. The peak season includes the summer months in the Philippines. However, do take note that the months immediately preceding the summer is also part of the peak or high season as well.

So, this simply means that you should expect to find the room rates steeply high from January to May, which is the high to peak season. The rest of the months other than these are within the lean season or low season where there are fewer visitors on the island thus sparking lower demand and lower room rates. However, do take note that a good number of visitors also tend to come to Boracay starting in September.

Boracay Sunset


Alright, so what do visitors and tourists do on Boracay Island? Well, they spend a lot of time on the beach of course. However, there are also a lot of things to see and do while on the island. Water sports have become quite popular here. You may want to visit Bulabog Beach if you're into windsurfing and kitesurfing due to the ever present winds on the east side of the island.

Island hopping is also another interesting thing to do on the island. Other folks take time to go beach hopping just to see all the attractions and other tourist destinations in Boracay. Of course, taking a dip in the cool water comes in between almost everything else. Banana boat riding, snorkeling, kayaking, paraw sailing, and diving all come into play both for enthusiasts and those curious enough to try them.

Shopping can also become one of the main things people do during the day. The place to do shopping in Boracay is D'Mall. However, there are also a number of other places where you can get the stuff you need.

To perk things up even further, there are a lot of festivals, contests, and sporting events happening every now and then. There are soccer cups, golf tournaments, dragon boat races, and beach ball tournaments among the many festivities happening throughout the year.

Beach Life

Bars and Nightlife

It is quite evident that Boracay also comes to life at night. It is no secret that the island has a party scene all of its own. With an array of restaurants and bars, one should expect the evenings to be pretty much just as alive as the day. Live bands, fire dancing, and bar hopping all contribute to the night life that guests can experience on the island.


Palm TreesOn a related note, a stunning array of restaurants has also made their home on the island. A lot of these restaurants serve food from a variety of cuisines. It's like a culinary center right smack dab on the beach. You get to feast on different flavors renowned the world over. A huge number of these restaurants are located on Boat Station 2. Incidentally, this station is also where you'll find the majority of bars and night life places in Boracay.

Hotels and Resorts

If you think the number of restaurants, bars, and nightlife places here are quite a lot then guess again. There are in fact hundreds of hotels and resorts in Boracay. That is how popular this summer island is. You can just imagine how many people come here during peak season.

Since Boracay is such a huge tropical getaway in the Philippines, it is only a small wonder why there are so many hotels, inns, and resorts that have been put up. The hotels here range from small enterprises manned by a single owner or by a single family to a full blown luxurious establishment with international credentials to boot.

The hotels and resorts cater to backpackers as well as distinguishing luxury travelers. If you're on the island on a shoestring budget then you just have to know where to look to find the best deals. It's basically both a question of where and when you come over to have your time on the white sands.

Real Estate

Of course, those with enough business acumen will not only come to the island just to enjoy themselves. There are those who see Boracay as more of a place to make investments along with great potential for economic growth. If you're such a person then you might want to look into some quality real estate to do business.


  1. Now, that’s what you call paradise! Some people may think that Boracay is such an ordinary Island but I think it is not just about white sands that made it popular but the because of the hospitable locals that offer you a beautiful smile every time you arrive at the Island. Night life in this Island is awesome. Parties are all over the corners.

  2. I love Boracay, I hope I can go there again this year.

    I prefer the quiet area at Station 3, and if you want to go for a party it is just a short stroll up White Beach to get to station 2 – the party area.

    See you soon Boracay!

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