Fridays Restaurant

Fridays Restaurant in Boracay is one of the better known food providers on the island. Not only is the food great, but the waiters and staff are well trained to handle their customers’ needs. 
The restaurant serves up different kinds of dishes, many of them from different countries around the world. Thus you will find Asian cuisines, European cuisines and American delicacies as well. Some of the dishes that you can try out are the Sea Bass, Chicken Roulade and Lamb Shank. 
If you do not want something too heavy, Fridays Restaurant in Boracay has creamy risotto, sub sandwiches and different kinds of garden salads. What makes the place truly interesting is the fact that new dishes are being added all the time. 
Price Range 
The price of the food varies, but the minimum budget should be 500 to 1000 pesos. This will be sufficient for you to savor the various treats at the restaurant. 
Other Information
The restaurant also has many grilled seafood. If you love seafood, there are plenty to choose from. You also have the option to eat at their nipa huts or the terrace. From 3 in the afternoon until 6, the bar has its happy hour. 
During this period, those at the bar can sit back, relax and watch live musicians on stage. There are also many cultural programs held at the place. This offers visitors at the restaurant the chance to learn more about the Philippines while dining. The atmosphere and ambience make the place even more enticing for eating. 
Hotels Nearby
The restaurant is near some of the finest hotels and lodging places on the island. The Regency Hotel is nearby as is the Pearl of the Pacific Resort. The Seawind Resort, Le Soleil de Boracay and Microtel Boracay are close by too. 
You will also find the Isla de Boracay and Monaco Suites in the vicinity. Because it is near White Beach, bars, restaurants and stores are all in the vicinity. This means that from the restaurant, you will be able to visit the many attractive spots on the island. 
Location and Contact Information
Fridays Restaurant in Boracay is in White Beach, which makes the place very easy to spot and see. It is at the station 1 beachfront. If you need to know more, you can call them at (63) (36) 288 6200. Any information you may wish to know regarding reservations and bookings can be obtained here. 

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