Camia Ship Wreck

The Camia ship wreck dive site is one of the premiere diving destinations in Boracay. Although there are many attractions on the island, the unique attractions on this site makes it stand out. 
This dive site is situated between the Virgin Drop and the coral garden diving area. The wreck site can be reached via the west central point of the island. This can be reached by a sea vessel. 
What to See
The main attraction at the site of course, is the ship wreck of a cargo boat. In 2001, this vessel sank. As time passed by, the ship would turn into a reef, drawing fish and all sorts of sea creatures. Diving into the site, you will be informed that the vessel was thirty meters long. 
The wreck of the ship is not easy to distinguish, but the fish are. Various types can be seen including the bluefin trevallies, nudibranchs and angelfish. The Camia ship wreck dive site is also home to the batfish, scorpion fish and red bass. All these attractions make the dive truly exciting. 
Depth / Experience Level Required
The minimum depth at the site is 18 m. The dive depth has a maximum level of 30 m. Due to the nature of the place, it is only recommended for seasoned divers. 
For new divers, there are diving centers that can teach you everything you need to learn. Novice divers will have to undertake deep sea diving courses. Wreck diving courses must also be undertaken. 
Before you dive, make sure that you assess the currents first. This is necessary because the currents can become very powerful. But experienced divers will have little problems handling it. 
The price range is pegged at 25 to 50 USD. The cost may vary depending on whose services you rely on. There are several dive centers at all three boat stations. 
Other Info
Apart from the fish, the corals are also eye catching. These have grown all over the wreck. Naturally these draw in the fish, making 
for an extraordinary sight indeed. 
If you are going to the Camia ship wreck dive site, make sure you are wearing the right dive gear, and wearing them properly. A full suit is necessary. 
The reason is there are jellyfishes around the site. These are usually found at the deeper levels. As long as you exercise caution, there should be no problems when diving. 

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