From Angeles to Boracay

Angeles is a nice point of departure to Boracay, especially if you are coming from North Luzon or even from nearby Asian countries. There is an airport terminal located in Angeles, the Diosdado Macapapagal International Airport, which you can use to make your journey convenient. But that is not your only option.
Various Travel Options
There are many ways to travel from Angeles to Boracay. The easiest and most convenient of which is by air. There are daily direct flights to Caticlan from DMIA. The flight usually takes about an hour.
If you choose to go by sea, you may have to travel from Angeles to Metro Manila by land, then find a bus there that offers Roll-on Roll-off Service. RoRo usually reaches Caticlan in about 12 hours.
You can also take a more complicated route via the Batangas port. This way, you will have to travel from Angeles to Manila then to Batangas port via bus service. The overall travel time usually takes four hours. Then, take a private van that will take you to Calapan, Mindoro via RoRo. The travel time takes about two to three hours. From Calapan, you will again take another road trip to Roxas where you will take a ferry boat to Caticlan. That will take another six hours or more. From Caticlan, there is only the outrigger boat left on your way to the beautiful island of Boracay.
The Easiest Way
Undoubtedly, the easiest way from Angeles to Boracay is via an airplane. Flying to Caticlan or Kalibo airport will only leave you no more than an hour to reach the island.
The Cheapest Way
Traveling by sea or a combination of land and sea is the cheapest way to get to Boracay if you are departing from Angeles. However, if you calculate the estimated travel time and the inconvenience of going on and off, the fees you will save will cost much on your stress.
Best Scenery/Most Fun/Most Entertaining
If you like to cut short your travel time and get straight to your destination, you would not mind if there is nothing you can see when you are flying above. However, if you have lots of time for this trip and you like to enjoy as much of the wonders of the Philippines natural resources, taking the land/sea route is advisable.
Getting to Boracay via Angeles will cost around 3,000PhP if you are traveling by air. If you are taking the route of land and sea via RoRo, expect to save a little on the total cost but add a lot of time.

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  1. I was unable to find a direct fly from Clark AKA DMIA – unless i missed the details – i can see direct flights from Manila only. Would be great if you can share your info on the Flights from DMIA –

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