The Fishbar in Boracay is another one of the better known dining places on the island. Apart from its tasty treats, the atmosphere in the place has a lot to do with what makes it tick. 
The restaurant serves up different types of food, but its specialty is definitely seafood. Probably its best known treat is the Beer Batter Fish and Chips. This classic dish is a favorite among their old customers and gains favor with new ones very quickly. This treat is served with some potato wedges. 
There are also several drinks available at the Fishbar in Boracay. One of the most popular is the blended pineapple juice. Or you can opt for the frozen iced tea. 
These drinks are ideal when the heat builds up during the day. Other delicacies available are the Black Pepper Tuna Steak with Pasta, Prawn Basil Pasta and Glazed Norwegian Salmon with Rice. 
The menu is not limited to seafood however. You can also order Chicken Parmigiana and Chips. This is like the fish and chips minus the fish. The restaurant also has its happy hour beginning at 5 and lasting until 8 pm. There are other dishes and drinks that you can order at the restaurant. 
Price Range 
The cost of the meals vary, but you will need at least 300 pesos to fully enjoy the offerings here. A few hundred pesos will also let you indulge in their many drinks. 
Other Information
The place does not face the beach, but it is very close to many of the popular establishments on the island. The alfresco dining experience is ideal for those who want to make new friends or jsut watch people come and go. Add to the fact is the interior, which is very clean and welcoming. You have the option of dining indoors or outdoors. 
Hotels Nearby
The restaurant is very near some of the most popular hotels on the island. The Peninsula Resort and the Regency Beach Resort are just two of them. For budget travelers, there is the Sunshine Place. The Calypso Dining Resort is also in the area. There are also several diving centers around the area. 
Location and Contact Information
The Fishbar in Boracay can be found at the DMall. This is the biggest mall on the island, so you can do some shopping here. If you want to know more about the restaurant, just drop by the place. 

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