Kaeseke Japanese Restaurant

The Kaeseke Japanese Restaurant in Boracay is where many local and foreign tourists go for their Japanese food fix. Its authentic and well prepared meals have kept it heads and shoulders above other eateries. 
There are several delicacies you can order here. Some of their more delectable treats are the Lobster Sashimi and Lobster in Miso Soup. Customers can also avail of classic, traditional Japanese food like sashimi, sushi, maki and tempura. 
Another reason why the place is so popular is their menu is being updated regularly. Other delicacies served at the restaurant are the Finger Lickin Prawns and the Baked Stuffed Squid. There are also many types of drinks being served at the place. 
Price Range
The food at the Kaeseke Japanese Restaurant in Boracay is affordable. You only need a budget between 400 to 600 pesos. Even with this budget, you will be able to savor a lot of the meals here. Not only is the food great, but the service is excellent as well. All of this adds up to a splendid dining experience. 
Other Information
Typical of a real Japanese restaurant, the place has very clean facilities. Everything from the tables to chairs are extremely clean. The place is also noted for its serene and tranquil ambiance, very much suitable when dining on Japanese food. If you like eating at high end and luxurious restaurants, this place fits the bill. 
Hotels Nearby
Some of the hotels near the restaurant are the La Isla Bonita Cottage, the Le Soleil de Boracay and the Nirvana Beach Resort. There are several facilities close by. Among them are the Red Coconut Beach Hotel, Willys Beach Resort and Club Panoly Resort Hotel. Visitors to the restaurant will also find the Mango Ray Resort nearby. 
You will also see the Seraph Hotel, Club Ten Beach Resort and many other bars. You will also see several stores and shops nearby. There are also several bars close by. 
Some of them are the Summer Place, Bom Bom Bar and Pats Creek Bar. You will also see the Red Pirates, Cocomangas Shooter Bar and Orange Sky Club. 
Location and Contact Information
The Kaeseke Japanese Restaurant in Boracay can be found at La Rotonda. This is inside D’Mall. If you want to get more information, it is best to visit the restaurant. The personnel will be able to provide all the facts you need to know about bookings and reservations. 

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