Rotary Club of Boracay

The Rotary Club of Boracay is an organization dedicated to improving the life and community around the island. Since it was established, the group has also worked to preserve the environment.
Historical Background 
The group was established on July 2, 1997. The organization is actually a part of the Rotary International. Since the club was formed, its membership has grown, and its projects involving the betterment of the island and the community has continued. 
Their efforts at improving the status of Boracay has not gone unnoticed. In the meantime, the club has also reached out and helped towns like Buruanga, Nabas and Malay.
Membership and Motto 
The Rotary Club of Boracay has a motto, “Service Above Self” and this is apparent in all its goals and objectives. Just like its mother club, the group sticks to the guidelines like all the other branches. A great deal of its success lies in the relationship between its members. 
The club is involved in many projects ranging from the general assemblies held regularly to special events. These events include the Rotary Family Month and international happenings. To ensure that the members can do their best, the club places great emphasis on coordination between each other. 
The club has specific guidelines that govern its services. Their goals and objectives include the improvement of the lives of the individuals that live in the area they cover. 
Some of the clubs better known activities are the maintaining of marine safe havens. These efforts are conducted by the members under their respective jurisdictions. 
The club is also very much involved in aiding public education particularly when it comes to maintenance and helping in the repairs. Qualified students are provided a year of vocational courses courtesy of the club. 
Other Activities
The club is also a major sponsor of various feeding and caring programs. They also provide support for numerous livelihood programs. The club is also known for funding the building of edifices that aid the communities in different ways. 
The Rotary Club of Boracay is heavily involved in promoting peace and understanding between individuals. The organization frequently holds events aimed at improving the welfare of people and communities. The club is also aware of the perils faced by endangered animals and they take steps to help the cause. 
Aside from these, the club also promotes the value of education and the arts. Performing and non-performing arts are supported by the group. 

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