What to Bring in Boracay

In any kind of travel, being well prepared is key to avoid, sometimes costly, mistakes. Making sure that you have with you everything that you need for the duration of the trip also spells the smoothness of how it will go.
Then again, you must not panic and bring everything you can get your hands into. Remember that light packing is very good for your back and your peace of mind, too. So bring just enough things to last you for the duration of the trip.
In any case, remember to pack lightly without leaving out the essentials. There is really no need to bring a luggage trolley as it will be far more difficult to carry. Your trusted backpack will do.
On a Boracay trip, here are some essentials:
If you do not have as much outfits and you no longer have time to shop, do not worry. There are plenty of stores in Boracay, which can offer you a lot. If you do not like buying anew, however, you better make sure that you have packed enough outfits with you. For a three-day, two-night trip, you might need at least one or two sets of swimming outfits, some cover ups, and some decent casual clothes.
Oh, don’t forget your footwear. A pair of comfy shoes and a pair of slippers will do. Bring along a hat, too. It is not just for fashion but also for protection. The hot sun can be destructive to your hair’s health, you know!
Again, you can easily do your shopping for toothbrush, soap, lotion, etc. at the beach. Then again, if you already have them in travel packs, you might as well bring yours with you so there will be no need to buy.
Make sure to bring essentials such as bug repellant and sun block lotion. Mosquitoes and sand flies and the bright sun are enemies that your skin must be kept protected from.
Don’t forget to bring along a camera with you. There are many wonderful sights in the island that are worth taking home with you in hard copy. Make sure to bring along a camera to document your adventure and make it last even longer in your memory. This is also a way of sharing your experience to others.
If you are on maintenance therapy, make sure to pack the necessary medicines with you including your multivitamins and supplements. Also, do not forget to pack first-aid medicines for headache, fever, cough, and colds. A first-aid kit that contains treatments for wounds and bruises sure come handy in case of unforeseen accidents.

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