Boracay Transportation

There are a lot of different transportation options to get to Boracay. However, there is only one point of entry for people who want to get to the island and that is via the little town of Caticlan. Take note that you just can't land a plane on the island. The island is actually too small to fit an entire airport. It would've been perfect though if Boracay had an airport. Well, we'll just have to settle with the Boracay transportation options out there.
Nevertheless, the town of Caticlan would love playing its role. At the little town, you have to run along to the jetty port and get on a boat. The boat trip will only last a few minutes and they have boats leaving the port every few minutes so you really don't have to wait for one that long.
Fees and Fares
The boat fare from Caticlan will cost you some Php 20. Each passenger on the boat pays the same fare. Note that you also have a terminal fee to pay, which is Php 50 and then there's an environmental fee worth Php 75. Once you land on the island there are tricycles that will take you to the hotel or resort you booked with. A tricycle is a motorbike outfitted with a sidecar to transport passengers and baggage. Of course, if your hotel can arrange to pick you up at the port then there'll be someone with a car or van to meet you.
The tricycle trip usually costs a minimum fee of Php 25 per passenger. Here's a little tip when riding on these motorized tricycles. If you want to hire a tricycle and not share it with other passengers you tell the driver that you want a "special" trip. The driver will then take you where you want to go.
Note that this will cost you some Php 50 to Php 100. On the other hand, if you don't mind having company and splitting the fare you tell the driver that you want an "individual" fare price. The only drawback to that is waiting until the driver can pick up another passenger to accompany you.
Flying to Boracay
The easiest means of Boracay transportation is to go by plane. Tourists will eventually have to get on a domestic flight. These flights can go to either of the two closest airports to the island. The closest one is the Caticlan Airport and the next closest is the Kalibo International Airport.
If you land on the Caticlan Airport you basically just walk for ten minutes to get to the jetty port or get on a tricycle, which will cost you around Php 40. Note that this airport only caters to smaller planes. If you fly to the Kalibo Airport, which caters to larger planes and some international flights, you'll have to hop on a bus to travel from Kalibo to Boracay. Other transportation options besides the buses include coasters, vans, and minivans. These transport options take you to Caticlan from Kalibo and the trip will cost some Php 90 one way.
If you're flying from Manila to Boracay, Palawan to Boracay, Davao to Boracay, Cebu to Boracay, Angeles to Boracay, or from abroad to Boracay then you'll have to land on either of the aforementioned airports. Be sure to check with your travel agent regarding any additional costs or if the fee you're paying for the trip covers for all other transportation costs.
Traveling by Ferry
Another Boracay transportation option is to travel by boat to the island. However, take note that the port on the island isn't big enough to fit vessels larger than outrigger boats. That simply means that you just have to make a stop at Caticlan as well. Do take note that you may have to travel a total of 12 hours from Manila to Caticlan by ferry.
Another Boracay transportation option is to go via the Philippine Nautical Highway. This means that tourists will have to travel via the national highways and expressways and have their vehicles ferried from one island to the other via roll-on/roll-off vessels. This will be more of a scenic trip since you get to see a lot of the Philippine countryside. The only drawback is that it might take you half a day just to get to the jetty port at Caticlan.
Arranging Private Boracay Transportation
Some travel agencies can arrange private transfers from either Caticlan or Kalibo. This includes overland transfers or ferry transport. Options include ferries via fast craft boats, private yachts, or via speedboat. Some travel agents can even arrange travel by a private helicopter. Of course, these transport options will incur significant costs. The fare will usually range from Php 900 to Php 3,000 one way for each passenger.

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  1. Hi, what about if i wish to travel from Kalibo to Boracay via helicopter? How do i go about this and are you aware of how safe an option this is? I am traveling in a group of 4. Kindly advise.

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