Beach Vendors in Boracay

The beach vendors in Boracay form part of the island scenery. If you love shopping, these are heaven sent, as they sell all kinds of items at very reasonable prices. 
They can be found all over the island. You will find them near the beach and other places that the tourists frequent. Often, they will approach you and offer their products. 
What to Buy
These vendors sell just about anything and everything. Most of them are souvenir items, so you will have something to remember your vacation by. Very popular among tourists are T-shirts, caps and trinkets. If you are into interior home design, you will enjoy the home ornaments and decors they sell. 
The beach vendors in Boracay also sell key chains, necklaces, sunglasses, hats and many more. You can actually spend a lot of time just going over the stuff the vendors sell. Just going over those small attractive trinkets can be a lot of fun. 
The best thing about buying from vendors is their products are cheap. The seafood, snacks and trinkets are cheaper than the ones you see in stores and malls. Even though the prices are low, the quality is still high. As any tourist will tell you, the food they sell is not just cheap, but also delicious. 
If you are a first time visitor to the island, make it a point to compare the costs of souvenirs from vendors and those sold in malls and stores. You may be surprised at the difference in cost. If you plan to buy a lot of times, you will save a lot of money this way. 
Other Information 
The vendors also sell food at reasonable prices. You can get all sorts of snacks, chips, sweets and other tasty treats from them. Pica pica is one of the most sought after, but many also love seafood. Vendors sell them fresh so you can have them just the way you want it. 
Seafood is carried in baskets and just by looking at them you will know they are fresh. Another specialty of the beach vendors in Boracay is grilled chicken. 
Whatever you decide to buy, make sure that you check as many vendors as possible. They often sell the same products but at different prices. Before you buy anything, make sure to haggle for the price. By haggling you will be able to get items at even lower prices. 

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