Bolero Rum Bar

The Bolero Rum Bar in Boracay is one of those places where you can eat and drink in style. Since the bar opened, it has become very popular with the people of Boracay. In spite of the number of people that go, it never gets crowded as the bar is large. 
The bar is very near boat station 3. The bar is not far from the Tourist Center. Situated by the beachfront, it is a good place to relax and see the beauty of the island. You will know you are in the right place by the number of people lining up to go in the bar. 
The bar has a varied selection of food and drinks. It is a nice place to have breakfast in. If you love Western inspired breakfasts, this is the place to be. There are also many sandwiches being served, with new ones being added all the time. Rosti is also available at the bar. 
But you are not limited to these selections. The bar also offers Mexican and Spanish food. Those who love this food will definitely feel at home. For those who have not yet tried these cuisines, you can try them now. 
The bar is stocked with lots of different alcoholic drinks. There are wines and different types of cocktails available. Those who love beer will enjoy the fine selection in the bar. The bar also concocts its own drinks, which you cannot get anywhere else. With all these attractions, it should not come as a surprise why people love the bar so much.
The drinks here cost 1 to 2 USD. The treats have different prices, but they are very affordable. You only need 300 pesos to savor the many treats in the place. 
Other Info
One of the nice things about going to the Bolero Rum Bar is the number of hotels and resorts nearby. From the bar, it is only a short distance from the Mandala Spa Resort, Nigi Nigi Nu Noos and Nami Private Villas. You will also find other resorts and services near the site. Its proximity to other sightseeing spots is another reason why this place is so popular. 
Contact Information
You can get more information about the Bolero Rum Bar by visiting the place. When you get to boat station 3, you will see the bar. The staff and management will provide you with all the facts. 

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