Orange Sky Club

The Orange Sky Club is one of the biggest party places on the island of Boracay. There are many bars on the island, but this one has many attractions that set it apart from the others. 
The bar is located at Cubay Beach. The beach is in the Malay municipality. Go there and you will see the beach. If you are on the mainland, just take a boat ride and get to Malay. You will see the bar easily. While it is a party place, it is more private compared to the others. 
The Club offers many kinds of cocktails and alcoholic beverages. There are also different types of wines to choose from. Some of the best drinks on offer are scotch, rum and vodka. Other alcoholic drinks on tap are tequila, beer and gin. 
The bar also specializes in grilled food. Other Filipino food like inihaw na liempo and pork sisig are also served. Other sumptuous treats that you can enjoy are the buttered shrimp and calamares. Fish treats include bangus, lapu-lapu and blue marlin are available. 
More than the drinks, it is the atmosphere of the place that makes it so cozy. The design and layout is more intimate than others, so it can be relaxing. The Orange Sky Club has its own DJs, and they play specialized music just right for the party crowd. The music played is R&B, hip hop and house. 
The standard drinks cost from 70 to 150 pesos. If you have 500 pesos, you should be able to get some cocktails or beer along with some tasty treats. 
If you want to get better deals and discounts, talk to the club management and staff. Special deals and promos are available. You can get boat transfers, buffets and several free drinks. You can get more information about these deals also from the locals. 
Other Info 
One of the main attractions of this place is the crowd. They are very friendly and welcoming. You will also see the lovely sands from the bar, providing for a very picturesque scene. 
You do not have to dress formally. You can wear whatever dress you want. Anytime you go there you will see many local residents and foreigners there. 
Contact Information
You can learn more about the Orange Sky Club by visiting the place. Once you are at the bar, you should be able to learn more about this fun bar. 

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