Fruit Bats

The fruit bats in Boracay are some of the most unusual and riveting attractions on the island. Whether you are a nature lover or not, seeing these creatures will definitely be a treat. 
The bats can be found at the appropriately named Boracay bat cave. This is located at the western tip of the island. You have to navigate some dirt roads before reaching the forest where the cave is located. 
What to See
When you enter the cave, the air will feel hot and humid. The steps can be a bit slippery due to the guano and some slime. As you venture deeper into the cave, check out the stalactites; these natural rock formations can be found projecting from the cave ceiling. 
The bats are located in the deeper recesses of the complex. It is not advisable to shine a flashlight directly on the creatures; this might cause them to fly off. Apart from the fruit bats in Boracay, the landscape around the cave provides lovely views of the sky and the seas. In other words, the attractions are not limited to inside the cave. 
These bats are known as flying foxes. Their favorite food are fruits, which is why they live in forests and caves. Their sizes vary greatly; some are very small while others are quite large. 
Besides fruits, these creatures also drink nectar. In fact, some species have shown a preference for nectar rather than fruits. These are not carnivorous predators. 
Research has shed light on other aspects of the bat. Not all of them are blind. Some can see as clearly as human beings. Some species can even distinguish colors. These creatures disperse seeds and pollinate plants. They play a major role in regrowing rainforests. 
The easiest way to reach the bat cave is by tricycle. The driver can also serve as your guide to the cave. The fee is 200 to 300 pesos (4 to 5 USD). Unless you are experienced at hiking, it is best to get a guide. 
Other Info
If you want to catch the bats in flight, visit the cave around dusk. Make yourself discreet and hide behind some trees. You will see the creatures fly out in droves to look for food. 
If you are interested in seeing the fruit bats in Boracay, make certain you wear shoes. You might slip on the stones if you are wearing sandals. 

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