Boracay International Beach Festival

The Boracay International Beach festival is one of the more popular festivals held on the island yearly. Its plethora of activities and fun atmosphere combine to lure tourists both foreign and local to the event. 
The festival takes place in October every year. If you are in a nearby island, you can book a flight and head to Caticlan. From there you can board a jeepney or tricycle to the seaport. The boats there will take you to the island. 
There are also ferries that can transport you to the jetties. The speedboats will send you to the island in a matter of minutes. Tricycles at the jetties can bring you to the venue. 
What to See
The Boracay International Beach festival is known for its diverse presentations and shows. During the festival, the residents of the area will showcase musical numbers and dances. 
The topics covered are diverse, but most of them focus on the way of life of the island inhabitants. These cultural shows are all intended to give the crowds an idea of what life on the island was like before modern times.
Just like with the other festivals on the island, days leading up to it are very enjoyable and filled with many activities. During the festival, many food and drinks are served. 
What the Festival is About 
The festival is a celebration of the cultural heritage of the island. The songs and dances in the show are meant to showcase the rich history of the island. It is also a celebration of life itself. 
The festival also shows how life on the island has improved. Those watching the fiesta will realize just how much life on the island has changed, and how much the people have managed to keep the traditional ways alive. 
The show is free; there is no entrance fee. However, you do need to pay for the food and drinks. To avoid the high costs of booking in peak season, make your hotel reservations early. 
Other Info
The festival is also famous for its beach games. These games are not just for the Filipinos; these are interactive and tourists can join in. Also not to be missed is the food festival. The food festival showcases the finest and most delicious food in Aklan. 
The Boracay International Beach festival is an immensely enjoyable activity. It is free, so you can truly enjoy the events without worrying about the costs. 

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