Caddie Shack Golf Tournament

The Boracay Caddie Shack golf tournament ranks as one of the most popular golf tourneys on the island. Ever since the competition started, it has become synonymous with exciting golf action. 
The event is held at the Fairways and Bluewater Resort and Country Club. This is at Newcoast. A tricycle can take you to Barangay Yapak where the resort is located. This journey will only take a few minutes. There are also jetties at Caticlan that can take you to Boracay. There are also ferry services that will bring you to the site. 
What to See
The tournament has many features that make it attractive to many players. For example, the Boracay Caddie Shack golf tournament allows amateurs to play. There is also a division specially made for professional players. There are separate divisions for the pros and the amateurs, so the playing field is equal. 
The players get to use the 18 hole golf course fully. Its world class setting provides for world class play making. At the same time, the lovely environment provides for a relaxing atmosphere. The picturesque surroundings helps keep distractions away. 
What the Tournament is About 
The tournament was established so startup Filipino golfers will have a chance to make a name for themselves. At the same time, the tournament helps to build the character and the confidence of the golfer. 
As the years have passed, more and more players started joining the tourney, including well known professionals. As a result, the prizes have increased steadily as well. Today, it is one of the biggest attractions at the Fairways and Bluewater Resort. 
The cost of playing in the tournament varies. The best way to avoid misunderstandings is to contact the organizer. They will give you the proper information with regards to the cost. 
Other Info
Even if you enter at the amateur division, do not expect the game to be easy. Other players will be competing just as hard as you. To get ahead, brush up on your game first. 
Getting familiar with the course will also be necessary. Above all, do not get frustrated; you are on the island to have fun, so enjoy it. When you are relaxed, the better your swing will be. 
The Boracay Caddie Shack golf tournament is not just one of the many golf tournaments being held on the island. It is one of the best, and is a showcase of the finest Filipino golfers. 

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