Boracay Sunsets

After you have spent the day kayaking or trekking, there is nothing better to do than watch Boracay sunsets. You may have seen it in some photos, but to really appreciate it, you must see the skies in person. 
There are several places where you can watch the sun go down. White Beach is a popular choice, as is Bulabog Beach. You can also watch the skies from some of the lesser known beaches around the island as they are less crowded. 
But one of the best places is on a boat. From your sea vessel you can sit back, relax and watch. The rooms in the high class hotels also offer excellent views of the skies over the island. Some bars also offer nice vistas of the sky. 
What to See
The features and colors of Boracay sunsets are simply breathtaking. The colors of the sky change as the sun begins to set. From the bright colors of the day, the color slowly changes to red. The red color is soon accompanied by yellows, pinks and gold. 
The displays are not limited to the sky; the interplay of the colors make their way to the ground and the waters. One of the best things that you can do is to ride a paraw (native boat) and watch the sun go down. 
The sunsets over the island are due to the presence of light and particles in the atmosphere. When the sun goes down, short sunlight wavelengths like blue are spread throughout the sky. This permits the shorter wavelengths to emerge in the atmosphere. These wavelengths are yellow, red and orange. 
These are the colors we see at sunset. Due to the presence of dust and other particles, orange, yellow and other colors tend to get diffused. Only red manages to remain, which is why sunsets have a reddish hue. 
Watching the sunsets is free. You just have to stroll to the beach and watch the sky. 
Other Info 
The colors of the sunset have a powerful effect on the seas, and the interplay of the colors is simply beautiful. Although there is a scientific explanation for the phenomenon, it is hard to deny the magical effect it has on people. 
If you are visiting the island, make sure to bring a camera. Pick a nice spot and take snapshots of the sky, and let it remind you of just how magnificent and unique the island of Boracay really is.

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