Metropolitan Doctor’s Medical Clinic

The Metropolitan Doctor's Medical Clinic is one of the leading clinics in Boracay. If you have plans on going to the island, knowing some facts about this medical institution will be necessary. 
Location and How to Get There 
This health care provider has two branches. One of them is at boat station 2 and the other is at boat station 3. The first branch is at Ambulong and the other is at Mainroad Balabag. 
If you are on the island, the easiest way to reach either place is by taking a tricycle. You just have to tell the driver you want to go to station 2 or 3. In all likelihood they will know the clinic too; mention the name of the clinic and they should be able to take you there.
If you have been island hopping, a speedboat should be able to take you to either station. From there you can take a tricycle and go to either branch of the Metropolitan Doctor's Medical Clinic. 
Emergency Numbers and Contact Information
The number to call is (036) 288-6357. You can also get in touch with them at (036) 288-6638 or (036) 288-5920. You can also use these numbers if you have inquiries or comments. 
The clinic is led by Dr. Ma. Christina “Girlie” Teotico. It was established to look after the welfare of the local residents of the island and the tourists that visit the island. 
Since the clinic was constructed, the facilities in their branches have improved. They are now recognized as some of the leading medical facilities on the island. It is open 24/7. 
Patients can be treated in both clinic branches. In addition, the doctors at the clinics offer house calls. The service they offer is first rate. However, their prices are reasonable. As such, the people will be able to get the medication they need as soon as possible. The fact they allow house calls is another plus. 
Other Information
Whenever you are in Boracay, keep in mind that the sun and heat are the biggest potential health threats. To avoid heatstroke and dehydration, you should drink plenty of water and other liquids. Applying sunblock is also a good idea if it gets too hot. 
If you are going to Boracay, you should be aware of the phone numbers and location of the Metropolitan Doctor's Medical Clinic. Even though you are going to the island to have fun, being prepared is always important. 

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  1. Hi Good Morning!

    May we know your email address at Metropolitan Doctors Medical Clinic, we would like to send a letter of intent for hospital accreditation.

    Hope to hear from you the soonest.

    Thank you so much for spending time reading this message.

    God Bless!


    Aster N. Cruz
    MEDI-access Network Specialist

  2. Hello from Hamburg / Germany
    Myself and my asian friends intend
    to visit BARACAY Island / Philippines.(November 2011)
    Unfortenatuly myself can have heartproblems,
    so its maybe necessary to find a special HOSPITAL
    on Baracay Island.
    Please check and advise and sent an eMail with
    detailed pictures and other infos.Hope to hear from you asap.
    Thanks and best regards
    Halberstaedterweg 8
    D-22453 Hamburg / Germany

    September 12th 2011

  3. My daughter and I plan to visit Boracay in few weeks, However, She has peanut allergy (which may make her go into Anaphylactic shock, she normally carries an epipen as an immediate remedy and has to be brought to the hospital to monitor her heart rate, antihistamine medication will then be required to prevent hives) and Asthma condition may also be triggered (in this case, Ventolin and Oxygen will be required). I was wondering if your clinic/hospital is equipt and have the capability to deal with the situation? or have any prior experience dealing with this situation before?

    Also, can you arrange for airlift service to get to a larger hospital if necessary. How long a wait for the airlift. How far is the nearest major hospital (is it Manila?)

    Of course we will try to be safe, but, its always nice to know if services is available or not when real incident happens. Please reply to my email address.

    thanks in advance,

  4. Hi! This is Dr. Girlie of the Metropolitan Doctors Clinic. I would really like to answer all your questions but I am not the administrator of the site and as such do not have access to your emails. Please kindly email me your questions so I could answer them as best as I can, esp those as urgent as Grace’s.
    My email is

    Best regards,

  5. We were there in the beautiful island of Boracay last May enjoying the last stage of our vacation (save the best for last ) when suddenly I got sick. Too weak to move from Alta Vista I called for a house call, when this caring,well-informed, and pretty doctor came and gave me some positive words that I needed that time,except for the word “Dengue “. I didn’t enjoy as much but at least I felt safe and hopefully this year we are coming again from New York. I didn’t even had a time to thank her and her nurse. Thank you Dr. Fronda,,,,I hope to see you again,,,,as a friend not as a patient

    Thanks again and my email is

  6. hello this is emilyn affentranger pilipina and live in swtzerland may i know the email address of dr. martin ongkiko? i like to talk to him immediately. i have been in boracay last 2weeks ago and now back to switzerland i need some papers from him about happened to me last time. so that my insurance here can pay back my holiday. thanks

  7. Hello Mam. I just wanna inquire If you hire Fresh Graduate and Newly Passed Registered Nurses. Thanks mam. Your reply is highly appreciated! God bless!

  8. just wanted to ask if there’s a dialysis center in your clinic? My grandfather wants to visit Boracay but he has a kidney failure and is receiving dialysis treatment every other day.

  9. Hello,
    I am a German and would like to go on holiday with my wife (Filipina) on BORACAY. Unfortunately, I need to dialysis. Is dialysis possible on BORACAY? What about payment? How is this organized?

    Thanks in advance

    Greetings from Germany
    D. Alschbach

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