Prana Vegetarian Restaurant

There are many different restaurants in Boracay, some of which specialize in particular types of cuisine. But among them all, Prana Vegetarian Restaurant is truly one of a kind. This is mainly because it is the only restaurant in the whole island whose entire menu is comprised purely of vegetarian dishes.
Description of the Cuisine/ Specialties and Price Range
One of Boracay's most frequented restaurants, Prana Vegetarian Restaurants claim to fame is, of course, its array of healthy and delightful vegan dishes from Asia to Europe. Their specialties include Chopsuey, Eggplant Mozzarella, Fresh Garden Salad, Mandala Vegan, Pan -fried Tofu with Peanut Sauce, Pappa al Pomodoro, and Penne with Roasted Veggies. Their breakfast menu includes Mango Pancakes and Potato Pancakes topped with homemade applesauce. For dessert, they serve such sweet delicacies as Lemon Tart and Strawberry Tart with a topping of fresh fruit and homemade ice cream. As for drinks, they have fresh fruit beverages like Green Mango Shake, Buko Shake, Calamansi Mint Slush, and Ginger Slush, but those looking for something a bit stronger might like to try out their exquisite organic French wines. The prices of Prana Vegetarian Restaurants meals range from 200 to 400 pesos.
Description of the Restaurant
Just as Prana Vegatarian Restaurant promotes clean and healthy living through its vegan cuisine, the overall aesthetics of the place was especially designed to be nourishing to their customers' sensibilities. The 2-storey structure is characteristically situated amid a green garden setting, with sliding windows that allow the fresh garden air from the outside to seep into the premises. A light ambience pervades the restaurant's interiors, with a whiff of a distinctively sweet aroma to appeal to their patrons' senses, thus enhancing their dining experience.
Location and Nearby Hotels
Prana Vegetarian Restaurant can be found within Mandala Spas and Villas, which is located at Station 3 of the island of Boracay in the province of Aklan. As such, it is conveniently situated near the many hotels along White Beach, which include Zuzuni Boutique Hotels, Boracay Regency Hotel, and Cocomangas Hotel Beach Resort. Guests who are staying in other Boracay hotels such as Island Jewel Inn, Mikas Place, and Velis Inn will likewise have no trouble in locating the restaurant.
Other Relevant Info
Prana Vegetarian Restaurant is open for service daily from 7 AM until 10 PM.
Contact Information
For reservations, call up Prana Vegetarian Restaurant at their telephone number, (+63-36) 288 5856 to 59. For further inquiries, send them an e-mail message at, or log on to the Mandala Spas website,, for more information on the restaurant. 

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