Speedboats in Boracay

Cruising on speedboats in Boracay is one of the most exciting ways to explore the island. You not only get to travel in style, but you also get to see a lot of the major tourist attractions.
These services are located in various parts on the island. Usually however, they will provide the transportation and take you to the boat. These boats are located in ports or jetties. 
What to See
These tours will take you to various points in and around the island. You can use it to go island hopping. You can have a picnic on one island then speed off to another one to watch the sunset. You can also go snorkeling or diving. 
These speedboats in Boracay are typically used for quick transportation. But it is also ideal for taking stock of the surroundings. Due to its mobility and convenience, it has become very popular among those who like to hop among the islands. 
Before speedboats became popular, bancas and non motorized sea vessels were used to transport people from one island destination to another. These days there are many types available. There is the one-seater, two-seater and the larger ones that can hold several people. Many of the high end resorts also have their own boats anchored. These can take you to the different points around the island. 
The following are the expenses for private speedboat transfers. The prices mentioned below will include island hopping, food, drinks and accommodations. 
For a single person, the cost is 8,000.00 pesos. For a couple it is 4,150.00 pesos per individual. For three individuals it is 2,900 pesos. The more people are with you, the lower the costs. 
For a group of six, the price is 2,150 pesos per head. For nine people it is 1,800 pesos. Note that the cost may also depend on the length of time you will use them.
If renting the vehicle for shorter periods, the fees will be much lower, around 1,000 per individual. 
Other Info
Those on a speedboat are required to wear life vests. Drinking is not allowed. If you are just cruising around the beach, license is not needed. But for longer journeys, it may be required. 
Riding the speedboats in Boracay is not just about being transported to your destination quickly. It can be a thrilling journey on its own. The sense of moving rapidly along the waters can be an exciting experience. 

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