Crocodile Island

One of the most interesting allures of Boracay is its stunning offer for marine life exploration. Diving spots like the very popular Crocodile Island is a sure hit among local and foreign travelers alike.


Crocodile Island is a good 15-minute travel from the White Beach where most of the activities are happening. It is a small, uninhabited piece of heaven that is shaped like the head of a crocodile, thus, the name.

You can rent a boat that will charter you to and from the island. Boat owner can charge anywhere from 500PhP and up for every hour, depending on what else is included in your package.

The boat trip will take you to the southern part of Boracay, straight to Crocodile Island.

What to See There

Approaching Crocodile Island via a boat ride, you will already be mesmerized with its shape. But be prepared to become pleased anew as you step on the territory.

Crocodile Island offers a fantastic view on the surface and beyond. The surrounding will make you feel quite relaxed and rejuvenated with its many strengths – crystal blue waters put against the roaring hot blue sky and some vegetation.

Then again, the real scene is underwater, a couple of feet beyond sea level. The marine life at Crocodile Island is plain lovely. It would surely make you feel pleased that you made an effort to dive.

Depth/Experience Level Required

Crocodile Island is appropriate for divers of different levels The calmness of the sea is good enough for newbie divers and snorkeling enthusiasts. Expert divers, meanwhile, will also love the experience, as they will be treated to a fresh new set of marine species through the journey.


The actual cost of taking a trip to the Crocodile Island varies, depending on with whom you are taking the package from.

An independent journey to the island will charge you 50PhP for the tricycle ride and a couple more sum for the boat ride. If you decide to travel straight to the island without leaving the waters, you will have to rent a boat for 500PhP. That is good enough to stuff four to six members of your group, which means you can divide the cost to each member. At the island, you can rent a snorkeling gear for 100PhP. Plus, you must pay 35PhP as your contribution for the protection of the area.

If you want a packaged tour, however, you can find one at 1,800PhP. That gives you a good four hours of the Crocodile Island all to yourself with a chartered boat at the ready whenever you are ready to make the move.

Other Info

While in Crocodile Island, you can find several food vendors to fill your stomach with light snacks and fresh fruit drinks to last you the whole journey.

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