Bicycle Rental in Boracay

Boracay bicycle rentals is one of the most affordable means of exploring the island. Instead of just staying at the resort or the beach, you can ride a bike and venture into uncharted territories. 
The rental shops can be found in White Beach and the nearby areas. You can also find other stores along the other beaches. 
What to See
With the bike, you can go around the island in leisurely fashion. There is a circumferential road around the island, so you can use that with your bike. Riding on the bike, you will be able to get up close to the scenic spots around the island. 
If you are going to explore the island, bring along a map. This can be obtained from the tourist information center. This will serve as a guide, handy for first time travelers. You can also use this as a reference point when exploring areas you have never been to. 
One of the most interesting things you can do is bike up to the highest peak in Boracay. You will have to go through some rough terrain, but it will be worth it. 
When you get to the top, you will be rewarded with a view of the waters, the skies and the white shores. At the top, you can simply relax and enjoy the view. If you brought some chow, it can be a good spot to eat some food. 
In spite of the tourists that frequent the island, its natural features have been well preserved. The island goes on for twenty five kilometers. For the enthusiasts, there are several routes and terrains that can be used. These range from flat simple terrains to some that can be incredibly challenging. 
Renting a bike will cost 100 per hour. Renting it for the whole day will cost 1,000 + pesos. However, it is all right to haggle the price. 
Other Info
Riding a bike around the island is also good exercise. For those who have not tried it, pedaling can actually be an intense workout, which is good for your health. If biking at midday, do not forget to bring some sunblock. You will not get enough shading around these terrains. 
Boracay bicycle rentals are a cheap yet excellent way of touring the island. Sure you can go on a speedboat or another motorized vehicle, but with a bike, you can savor the scenery more completely.

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