Skimboarding in Boracay

Boracay skimboarding is gaining in popularity among young and old alike. Unlike other watersports, this is quite easy, thereby making it very enticing for people. 
You can rent these boards in many beach shops and resorts. 
What to See
When you go to White Beach, you will see the skimboarders riding the waves. For beginners, it is the ideal place to give it a shot. The waves are not as big as in the other beaches, but still suitable for the activity. 
The small waves make it a fun activity for kids also. It looks intimidating, but only in the beginning. Eventually you will get the hang of Boracay skimboarding and have fun. 
If you have never tried it out, you can start by watching them first. Basically what you do is get on the board, hold on to it and ride the waves. 
The sport began in Laguna Beach in the 1920s where lifeguards skimboard on wood. Sometimes wood is still used, but different materials are available today. The boards may look simple, but their design is extremely sophisticated. The best boards use aerospace technology so the best possible buoyancy, rocker and lightness are attained. 
The boards used for the sport are different from those used in typical surfing. Although the sport began in the US, it has spread quickly to other parts of the world. 
Eventually it made its way to Boracay. Today, many hotels and resorts offer it as part of their package. Since many people enjoy it, the activity has become a fixture at Bulabog Beach. 
Some skimboarders on the beach will rent you the board for only a couple of US dollars. At the shops, the rate is around 10 USD or thereabouts. The length of time you rent the board will also affect the price. 
If you find yourself engaged in the activity repeatedly, you are better off buying one. The standard board will cost 1,000 to 2,000 pesos. The high quality, professional types are priced around 5,000 pesos. 
Other Info
Once you have gained experience, try it at Bulabog Beach. The environment is more challenging here. Other water sports like kiteboarding, parasailing and windsurfing take place here. 
Boracay skimboarding is fun and not difficult to learn. Once you come to grips with the basic maneuvers, you will be able to learn the more complex moves easily. Guides and instructors are available for those who want to learn the more intricate moves. 

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  1. Not THAT easy sir, it may look that way but it takes a lot of control just doing a short ride,L-rides require more effort. For people who are starting out we’d recommend doing flatland rides first; run,drop and slide. Again,that sounds easy, but it’s not :). As for wave riding, proper gear (foam-core boards) should be utilized. There’s also a sense of timing and balance that needs to be developed first. Once you master the run,drop,slide technique, that’s when it’s usually better to try your hand at wave riding. 🙂

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