Hiking in Boracay

Hiking in Boracay is one of those activities that is rapidly gaining in popularity. The activity is not just good for your health; it also gives you a chance to explore other areas of the island. 
There are several places on the island you can hike. One of the most popular destinations is Mt. Luho. The fact that the island is crisscrossed means it will not be difficult to find these spots. The tourist center on the island also offers information about the hiking trails. There are also local guides who can bring you to the trails. 
What to See
Almost anyone who goes hiking in Boracay almost always goes up to Mount Luho. The view from the top is worth the hike. But there are other more secluded areas on the island. 
Going through these uncharted spots will bring you closer to nature. It also provides you the opportunity to get away from the noisier areas on the island. 
The various trails will also show you the lush greens, waterfalls and rapids around the place. These hikes are not only exhilarating but also rejuvenating. Many people go on hikes simply to recharge and be one with nature and themselves. 
The oldest inhabitants of the land are the Ati tribe. Outsiders only started exploring Boracay in earnest during the 1970s. Even then, it was done only sporadically. As word of its white sand beaches spread, people started coming out in droves. 
By the 1980s, the island had become a favorite destination of backpackers. The beaches aside, it was also being sought for due to its picturesque landscape. 
This will depend on your arrangement with the tour guide. If traveling on a tour package, the expenses will be covered by your tour operator. 
If traveling on your own, expect to pay about 3,000 pesos (70 USD). This will include the tour fees, food, drinks and the equipment you have to carry. 
Other Info
The hiking expeditions on offer are not limited to hiking alone. Most travel packages will include kayaking, rafting and other activities. These extra activities will make it more expensive, but it should cover all the basic needs (food, water etc). 
Hiking in Boracay is not that difficult. It is more of a form of exercise. Also remember that you do not have to go on a fixed route; you can just explore the island on your own. You may end up finding an interesting spot all your own. 

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