Smoke Restaurant

Boracay has everything anyone could ever want from the perfect summer destination, from splendid beaches and luxurious hotels to, of course, the most delightful restaurants. One of the island’s many great dining places is Smoke Restaurant; offering the very best of Philippine cuisine at a very reasonable price.
Description of the Cuisine/Specialties and Price Range
Smoke Restaurant’s menu is mainly comprised of Filipino dishes. However, the meals are prepared in such a way as to appeal even to foreign taste buds. Aside from these, the restaurant also serves a wide selection of food, such as beef and seafood dishes, pasta, sandwiches, and others. Their specialties include Bicol Express, Bulalo, Chicken Curry, Lechon Kawali, Sinigang, and Stuffed Squid with Sizzled Vegetables. Smoke Restaurant has a very affordable price range of 100 to 120 pesos, with some meals even costing as low as 50 pesos. A beer to go with the meal costs about 30 pesos. Since Filipino appetites are smaller than those of foreigners, however, servings likewise tend to be rather small. But since the dishes are affordable, customers can order as much as they like without spending too much. What’s even more interesting is that Smoke Restaurant actually allows their customers to bring their own food! That is, they can bring some raw food with them and have the restaurant cook it according to their specifications. One can buy raw meat, seafood or any other item from the nearby Boracay Wet Market and have the restaurant prepare it for them. The price of the resulting dish would depend on the raw food’s weight and on the method of cooking.
Description of the Restaurant
Compared to most of the restaurants in Boracay, Smoke Restaurant has a much more cozy and laid-back ambiance. Not only that, but the restaurant also allows customers to dine alfresco; that is, to dine outdoors amidst the backdrop of Boracay’s beaches. The combination of a relaxing atmosphere with the restaurant’s delicious and affordable meals will ensure a fun dining experience for its patrons.
Location and Nearby Hotels
Situated at the back of D Mall B Boracay, or DMall, just next to the Boracay Wet Market, Smoke Restaurant is very close to some of the finest hotels in Boracay. These include the Boracay Peninsula Resort, the Boracay Regency Beach Resort, the Crystal Sand Hotel, and the Hey Jude Hotel.
Contact Information
For bookings, catering, and delivery, Smoke Restaurant can be reached by phone at the following numbers: (036) 2884565 and (036) 2886014.

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