Boracay Invitational Golf Tournament

The Boracay Invitational Golf Tournament is one of the most enjoyable and thrilling competitions that is held in the Philippines. Its combination of fun, action and excitement have captivated players everywhere. 
The tournament commences on April 1 and concludes on April 8. The competition is conducted at the Boracay Fairways and Bluewater Resort Golf and Country Club. This resort is in Newcoast. 
A tricycle can take you to the site. If you have been island hopping, you can get to Boracay via one of the boats at the jetties in Caticlan. They will send you to the island in 20 minutes or so. 
What to See
The Boracay Invitational Golf Tournament is divided between two divisions, the professionals and amateurs. The abilities of the golf player determines which one they belong to. Regardless of the division, the competition is always tight. 
The 18 hole 72 par golf course is world class, which makes playing enjoyable. The lush environment and the surroundings make it an enjoyable place to play in. 
What the Tournament is About 
The purpose of the tournament is to showcase the golfing skills of a golfer and build camaraderie. Since the inception of the tournament, it has been giving out invitations to select players to join in. As time passed by, the event would increase in popularity. Today, it is considered an honor to be invited in this tournament. 
As this is an invitational tournament, there is no registration fee required. The only costs will be for the accommodation when staying at the island. The costs of lodging on the island will vary depending on the accommodation chosen by the player. 
If you want to come and watch, it is best to book early; the rooms get full early as the tournament takes place during the peak season. Booking early will also mean savings as costs go up during peak season. 
Other Info
Playing golf requires skills and confidence. Even at the amateur level, it is necessary to devote time to practice. This will improve your game. The more you improve, the more you will enjoy the game as you will go further and deeper into the competition. As long as you keep working on your game, it will definitely improve. 
If you are interested in joining the Boracay Invitational Golf Tournament, contact the resort first. They will provide all the necessary information required of the participants. They will also provide information about the reservations. 

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