Backpacking in Boracay

It is no surprise that a lot of people would like to explore the beauty of Boracay. Unfortunately, not too many can afford it. The luxury offered by the island paradise does come with a price. If you are not ready to spend much for a trip, you will have to abort that adventure from your mind.

But wait, there has to be some way you could make the trip affordable and much more attainable. You do not always have to pay for an arm and a leg for just a weekend of ‘getting away’.

Traveling on a Budget

Backpacking in Boracay has become quite popular among travelers who would want to indulge but do not have a much money to spend.

Usually, you would need at least 15,000PhP for a 3-day, 2-night trip. That cost includes your airfare, your accommodation, island hopping, some for facilities like boats and jet skis, and the rest for buying souvenirs.

Let’s face it $350 is no joke. If you want to trim that cost down, however, you could in backpacking style, of course. You can cut that cost in half and still enjoy so many things about the island.

First off, scout for a budget airfare. There are promos you can take advantage of if you are too keen about cost-cutting. Some people find it more affordable to go through the Iloilo airport than straight to Kalibo or Caticlan airport. From Iloilo, where you can easily explore some fine architecture, you can take a four-hour bus ride to the jetty port that will take you to the island in 30 minutes.

Next up, there is accommodation to settle. Boracay’s white beach is divided into stations. It is in station 2 where all the actions are happening. Station 3, meanwhile, is where it is a lot more peaceful and more budget-friendly. It is in station 1 where you can find upscale hotels and resorts. Since you merely need a room to sleep at night and to freshen up in between your trips to the beach, you should not have problems about getting a modest room at station 3 and enjoy a whole lot of savings.

Eating is another story altogether. As you would want something to fill your stomach, you must not only look for something audible but also for something delightful, which will make your trip worthwhile. Good thing, delightful does not always mean you should hang around the classy restaurants that are all around. You can always settle for something fine and delicious at local eating hubs that serve native dishes. You would not just enjoy the amount of money you could save but also experience in actuality the locals’ way of life.

You can also find bundled up package for touring, which usually includes a trip to nearby islands, snorkeling, and even a ride at banana boats.

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