Daves Straw Hat Inn

If you're a bit meticulous about the level of professional service provided by any hotel or resort you stay in then Dave's Straw Hat Inn might be able to match your distinguishing taste. It's one the very best hotels on this island paradise, if not the best there is. The most resounding appraisals of this hotel are for its staff that provides what might be deemed as the best type of Filipino service there is.
The great majority of the people who have stayed here find the inn quite a cozy place to stay, and even live in, according to several guests. An unsatisfied customer here is a rare find. Just like what the blurb on their website says, this inn has everything minus the high prices. That is a pretty tough combination to refuse: great rooms, top notch customer service, and very affordable room rates. Others have rated this inn slash resort as a two star establishment but there are those who think that it should get something better.
The Rooms
There are different types of rooms in Dave's Straw Hat Inn. There are different types of rooms here in this hotel/resort. They have some of the most affordable rates on the island, which is great for those who are in a bit of a shoestring budget. Now, do take note that the rates get jacked up depending on the time of the year. Everything usually goes up during peak season and summer.
If you're on the island and have some financial constraints then try their fan rooms. These rooms are big enough for two people and have hot and cold showers, private security box, and a telephone. Don't expect air conditioning since you'll only get a fan, which is why it's called a fan room.
The room rates for the fan cooled rooms start at Php 1,366. In case the other rooms are booked and you're stuck in a fan room, you can ask for air conditioning and you get to pay an extra USD 6.00 extra. The hotel's staff can be quite creative if you have special requests such as these.
The other types of rooms in Dave's Straw Hat Inn are the Standard Rooms and the Deluxe Rooms. They have all the stuff you get from fan rooms plus air conditioning and other features as well. These rooms are usually bigger and have a TV and refrigerator in them. There is also a pull out bed, which is great in case you've need extra sleeping space.
The room rates for the Standard and Deluxe rooms start at Php 1,708. Expect the rates to go up to Php 3,758 during peak seasons and holidays. You'll have to pay an extra Php 500 if you have a third or fourth person sleeping in the room with you. These rates are still very competitive compared to what you can get from other establishments on Boracay Island.
The location of Dave's Straw Hat Inn is pretty ideal. Staying in this hotel will require one to take a bit of a walk to D Mall. The other important places on the island like restaurants and such are just a few skips and a hop away. It is right at boat station three and is very easy to find. Shops and night life sections are just ten minutes on foot. The place is quiet enough for some good beauty sleep and solo time for couples and families.
Contact Info
You can find Dave's Straw Hat Inn on the net at www.davesstrawhatinn.com. You may chat with a member of the staff on their site. The business address is at Manoc, Manoc, Angol, Boracay. Shoot them an e-mail at info@davesstrawhatinn.com or at janet@davesstrawhatinn.com. You may also call them at 63-36-288-5465, 63-917-716-8647 or 63-921-409-2922 (cell phones), and 63-36-288-5755 (fax). You an also check out their Facebook page at www.facebook.com/BoracayDavesStrawHatInn.

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